Sunday, November 13, 2011

What?!?! It's November already?

I am like seriously... WHAT?!? It's November already?
what happened to August.. September.. October.. ??
this is really seriously fast man.. did i change a new battery so the seconds tick faster or what?
i am just shock...

been really busy the pass few months.. life is really up to the MAX.. 24 hours a day seems like not enough. I'm sure my wife will agree to that..
having 2 young kids in the house is really no joke. new job also require long working hours and not to mention the traveling part. all that add up = (WHAT?!? It's November already?)

i have a small advice to all you read my blog.. enjoy your life as much as you can now.. be it you are single, double, triple... time is running really fast!! as for me, in no time my babies will be in primary school.. so now i really have to make sure i spend enough time with them. i do not think they will say "daddy! 抱抱!" when they start to go to school...

life is short enough..
live a great life and enjoy the company of loved one around you..
try not to spend too much time playing on phone when you have someone around you..
take time to look at them in the eyes and talk to them.

P/S: ..........blank..........empty............void.............drain...............