Sunday, November 13, 2011

What?!?! It's November already?

I am like seriously... WHAT?!? It's November already?
what happened to August.. September.. October.. ??
this is really seriously fast man.. did i change a new battery so the seconds tick faster or what?
i am just shock...

been really busy the pass few months.. life is really up to the MAX.. 24 hours a day seems like not enough. I'm sure my wife will agree to that..
having 2 young kids in the house is really no joke. new job also require long working hours and not to mention the traveling part. all that add up = (WHAT?!? It's November already?)

i have a small advice to all you read my blog.. enjoy your life as much as you can now.. be it you are single, double, triple... time is running really fast!! as for me, in no time my babies will be in primary school.. so now i really have to make sure i spend enough time with them. i do not think they will say "daddy! 抱抱!" when they start to go to school...

life is short enough..
live a great life and enjoy the company of loved one around you..
try not to spend too much time playing on phone when you have someone around you..
take time to look at them in the eyes and talk to them.

P/S: ..........blank..........empty............void.............drain...............

Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 2011

a very quick update on my current status...

life is just getting more and more challenging.. but pls dont get me wrong.. i really enjoy those challenges.. we will only grow stronger and stronger.. it's really like playing games.. after you kill a boss, we just get level up!! that's life..

entering 5months with Nestle. kind of adjusted to the new life, new work, new environment. very different from my previous technical life.. here the new job is very much about people. working with all kinds of people. the positive and also the negative people. i guess this is just part of business world la. work is very tough and at a very fast phase. deadline after deadline everyday.. but i'm enjoying my work..

as a father of two is not easy to be honest. but is also very rewarding at times when i look at my kids. they are really my pride and joy. now i know why there is a brand called Pride & Joy.. haha.. a very simple smile from my princess or a hug from my prince.. i tell you... no word can describe my feeling.. all the worries, all the tiredness, just go away.

now just need to touch up my time spend with the most important person in my life.. my wife.. i felt like we both have been working very hard for the kids.. and now seems like we have even less time for one another. we both also felt the same thing. Marriage take effort.. just like any other relationship. just have to keep reminding myself that my priority in my life is still my bestest friend.. my wife..

have been listening to Switchfoot a lot lately.. the more i listen, the better the whole Album seems to get. not like those 1 hit wonder la.. Hello Hurricane!! check it out..

today out of a sudden this band just came to me.. the Goo Goo Dolls. almost forgotten.. but they are still good. the music will just bring back memories. i am not sure about you, but music can really take us back to the younger years.. i wonder what else can do that?? may be in our dream sometimes.. (now seldom got dream liaw la.. imagine have to wake up every few hours.. dream not not time to come out la.. hahaha..)

this place i really need to promote! it's Porkie's BBQ at Jln Song..
the food that u have to try there is.. the BBQ spare ribs!! it's the so G.oo.D!!!! it's only RM26. CHEAP DEAL... HUGE Portion.. if not mistaken is 1kg per serving.. must share la ok?? hehe..
unless u r muslim, then i am so sorry.. or else.. i tell you... seriously tell you... go get yourself a spare ribs!! if not.. u will regret for the rest of your life.. hahahaha... (*ahem! yes.. i am serious..)

oh ya.. just 1 thing i have to warn you.. go for the food only ok?? just the food.. the service S.U.C.K.S! waiter and waitress memang tak boleh pakai!! just bare with them.. because of the sO... G.oo.D BBQ spare ribs... dun let them ruin ur day!!

i think i have leave you with good music, good food, good advice.. now when you enjoy those three.. u will have good life.. hahaha..

P/S: Wifey.. I know you come here once in a while.. let's go BBQ Porkies for the Spare Ribs ok??

Monday, May 2, 2011

i'm back

It's been a while now.. been really busy with so many things lately.
New job is really taking up most of my time. not easy with the new job but i'm enjoying the work.
i'm just going to summarize my recent activities..

currently working with Nestle. this is a really huge company. now working as Nestle Management team Key Account Executive. sounds complicated. but in short is just Marketing guy la. long working hour.. but get to travel less compare to before..
this is a total switch from my previous engineering job. giving up my engineering background is not easy. but so far, i think i'm making the right move.. (I think!)

wife is getting "heavier" as baby grow bigger in her tummy. so meaning i have more work to do at home. taking care of some house work and also my son. he is now 14mths old and just learn how to walk. following him around at 1st was fun, but try doing that for the next few hours, you will need a break to rest ur back.. no joke tiring.. my life is going to be more and more busy when the arrival of my princess very soon.. hmm.. 4 weeks more? about there.. Gambateh!!

this part is kind of not in my dictionary any more..
it's been like, work and home only lately.. manage to meet up some friends but not much not significant at all..
have to make time to improve this area.. if not i'll be alienated soon..

been listening to many albums lately.. all the albums are great! bruno mars, 30 seconds to Mars, snow patrol, 3rd eyed blind, hillsongs united, etc. and Swithcfoot is just an Awesome Awesome band.. love the songs.. my sister is going to their concert in KL i think.. sigh~~ i also want to go.. but too bad la..

31 years old already. this year is really special. i got a HUGE HUGE surprise from my lovely wife. she gave me a surprise birthday party at home.. just me, my wife and my son. i'm really blessed by her. the best ever birthday song sang by the mother and son..

Mum: happy birthday to.....
Son: Dah-dee
mum: happy birthday to...
son: DAH-dee
mum: Happy BIRTHDAY to.........
son: DAH-DEE
mum: happt birthday to..
son: dah-dee..

not forgetting 2 gifts from my wife.. am loving it.. will show off in the coming post.. if i can find time la.. haha..

okok.. just want to end this blog with this awesome song by Switchfoot.. enjoy!

p/s: Lord, give me the strength to carry on with my life..

Thursday, February 10, 2011


after my favourite band beyond i seldom listen to cantonese song until i met this guy by the name of eason chan. not the best looking guy but his songs are good..

it's easy to find a good song from hong kong music nowadays because there are really not many good songs and good singers.. all are just flower pot. not really my cup of tea..

i just want to share the following song with you. u might already heard but no harm listen to it again right? since this is a great song. try to listen to the words.. i believe u will hear a different type of flavour.. (directly translate from chinese) hahaha...

have a great day~

過去十八歲 沒戴錶 不過有時間
夠我沒有後顧 野性貪玩

霎眼廿七歲 時日無多方不敢偷懶
宏願縱未了 奮鬥總不太晚

望望身邊 應該有 已盡有
我的美酒 跑車 相機 金錶 也講究
直到世間 個個也妒忌 仍不怎麼富有
用我尚有 換我沒有 其實已用盡所擁有

曾付出 幾多心跳
人值得 命中減少幾秒 多買一隻錶
秒速 捉得緊了
為何用到盡了 至知哪樣緊要

活著多好 不需要 靠物證
也不以高薪 高職 高級品 搏尊敬
就算搏到 伯爵那地位 和蕭邦的雋永
賣了任性 日拼夜拼 忘掉了為什麼高興

曾付出 幾多心跳
人值得 命中減少幾秒 多買一隻錶
秒速 捉得緊了
為何用到盡了 至知哪樣緊要

你獻出了十吋 時和分

還剩低 幾多心跳
連自己 亦都分析不了 得到多與少
也許 真的瘋了
那個倒影 多麼可笑
靈魂若變賣了 上鏈也沒心跳

銀或金 都不緊要
誰造機芯 一樣了
計劃了 照做了 得到了 時間卻太少

還剩低 幾多心跳
還在數 趕不及了
昂貴是這刻 我覺悟了
在時計裡 看破一生 渺渺

P/S: Time is really short.. Time do not wait for anyone.. Time is priceless.. 一寸光阴,一寸金;寸金难买寸光阴.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Year New Journey

I'm just so excited for 2011. it's going to be a brand new year and brand new challenges ahead. as i'm going to be father again! means there will be extra burden on my shoulders. but it's going to be all good. does this mean that i am going to lose another 10kg? i'm not sure.. let's wait and see.. haha..

finally i got reply from them.. i've been trying to work with them since last year. went for a couple of interviews but no news.. finally i got a call from them on last Thursday. i'm just so so so so shocked!! (in a good way). God really answer my prayers. it's been a very complicated and confused journey. but i'm glad it's all sorted out now. knowing what is my direction for this year and also where to channel my energy. i'll do my very best with this new company to prove myself i can do it. it's not going to be easy. but i'm sure with God by my side and my family behind me to support, i'll make it! (the company name is to be announced in the later blog)

now i'm going to resign from the current company. it's never easy to say good bye. people are nice and helpful. but i think is time for me to move to a whole new chapter and also whole new journey. i'll be stepping away from engineering field for good. i'm not sure how will i cope, but i'll just have to keep my head held high and walk by faith. having the right attitude and also the mindset will get me far. not forgetting the opportunity too.

well.. wish me all the luck and best! i'll reveal more detail in the coming post.

This is a hint...

P/S: Thank You Jesus for granting me my heart desire. now i can spend more time with my family and have to travel less. You are a good God who answer our prayers. Thank you...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


i miss my wife n my son n my dog very much. no choice i have to travel for work. life is just so different when i have to go away from home. i can be staying in a 5, 6 to million stars hotel and still do not feel at home. seriously there is no place like home.

when i m in kuching, after work i will go pick up my son from the nanny. the moment i come out from the car and he sees me, he will always put a big smile on his face. at that moment, i feel like there is nothing in this world can bring me down. no matter how hard the journey can be, that smile just brush off everything in my mind and on my shoulders..

when i reached home, before i open the gate, my dog will be running around the house wagging it's tail, cant wait for me to go in and give her a nice pat..

and my wife will reached home in a short while. she will always open the main door putting a big sweet smile on her face.. (her smile is what that got me into this relationship.. haha.. old story)

now that i am away from home, thinking of that really makes me miss home even more. but on the other hand, they all give me a very good reason to work harder and also to motivate me to be a better person/husband/daddy.

P/S: Dear Lord, please cover n protect my family all the time. keep them away from harm n evil. Amen.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sharing some cool Videos..

i came across this little fella in youtube. i tell u man.. he is really so damn good. i cant belive what i'm seeing and listening to. it's just so amazing..

have a click and let your ears enjoy la...

this is another guy that i like.. haha.. he has got star quality la.. digging nose while playing guitar.. just too cool la.. hahahaha... his expression is just 1 word.. "SAT!"

Now this is by the original singer.

This song really can bring me on a holiday.. i just have to close my eyes and off i go!!!

P/S: Sun... Sea... Sand... i'm coming... (in my dream....zzzzzzzZZZZZ)