Monday, May 2, 2011

i'm back

It's been a while now.. been really busy with so many things lately.
New job is really taking up most of my time. not easy with the new job but i'm enjoying the work.
i'm just going to summarize my recent activities..

currently working with Nestle. this is a really huge company. now working as Nestle Management team Key Account Executive. sounds complicated. but in short is just Marketing guy la. long working hour.. but get to travel less compare to before..
this is a total switch from my previous engineering job. giving up my engineering background is not easy. but so far, i think i'm making the right move.. (I think!)

wife is getting "heavier" as baby grow bigger in her tummy. so meaning i have more work to do at home. taking care of some house work and also my son. he is now 14mths old and just learn how to walk. following him around at 1st was fun, but try doing that for the next few hours, you will need a break to rest ur back.. no joke tiring.. my life is going to be more and more busy when the arrival of my princess very soon.. hmm.. 4 weeks more? about there.. Gambateh!!

this part is kind of not in my dictionary any more..
it's been like, work and home only lately.. manage to meet up some friends but not much not significant at all..
have to make time to improve this area.. if not i'll be alienated soon..

been listening to many albums lately.. all the albums are great! bruno mars, 30 seconds to Mars, snow patrol, 3rd eyed blind, hillsongs united, etc. and Swithcfoot is just an Awesome Awesome band.. love the songs.. my sister is going to their concert in KL i think.. sigh~~ i also want to go.. but too bad la..

31 years old already. this year is really special. i got a HUGE HUGE surprise from my lovely wife. she gave me a surprise birthday party at home.. just me, my wife and my son. i'm really blessed by her. the best ever birthday song sang by the mother and son..

Mum: happy birthday to.....
Son: Dah-dee
mum: happy birthday to...
son: DAH-dee
mum: Happy BIRTHDAY to.........
son: DAH-DEE
mum: happt birthday to..
son: dah-dee..

not forgetting 2 gifts from my wife.. am loving it.. will show off in the coming post.. if i can find time la.. haha..

okok.. just want to end this blog with this awesome song by Switchfoot.. enjoy!

p/s: Lord, give me the strength to carry on with my life..

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  1. now it finally dawned on me what the bird nest in ur previous post meant.