Sunday, May 30, 2010

Brand new ME!

I have not cut my hair since January 2010. I thought keeping long hair will be easier to maintain. u know la.. taking care of baby is really taking up most of my time until i dun even have time to make my own hair. long hair i just have to comb left side, then comb right side.. then Kau Tim! haha.. but after 4 months.. my hair is like back to 1998 high school time.

my wife complain that i look very messy and also very old fashion! then i tried to improve my look.. haha.. Justin Bieber...

Hahaha.. i know.. i'm sorry.. i see myself also wanna puke!! that's why i decided to go for a hair cut. a friend ask me to perm! mayb look like Korea Movie Star?

Erm.. may be next time only la. i'm too busy taking care of my son. no time to entertain the other ladies la.. imagine i go out with that kind of look.. sure very busy 1 la.. haha.. and also i try not to break their heart la.. i'm married with 1 kid!! yeah~

This is my final look before the transformation!! On my way to the Salon!

After 1 hour of transformation.. and pay RM48 for a Cut and Rinse by a guy named Roger. I think it's quite expensive la.. for Cut and Rinse only. normally should be cut and wash la. but i'm quite happy with the result la.. this is how i look now.. i told him i wanted to have a hair cut that is clean and easy to maintain. i also show him a picture la.. hehe...

Please compare the hair only ok? i'm not trying to look like him..

I think quite OK la.. not too bad.. at least look cleaner and most importantly.. my wife like it!! yeah~~ not sure about my son.. he as usual la.. stare at me with a blank face!! haha..

Thanks to RM48 @ Toni&Guy Essensuals Salon

p/s: Should i go back? hmmm... Rm48 bo...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Short Talk + 4 hours Getaway!

I think Facebook/twitter is really killing the blog la.. since i can just post whatever i think in facebook/twitter, and why do i have to come and login to blogger and retype rite?

just my thought la..


My church is having a church camp. so i went to Santubong yesterday for a swim since i cant join the rest for the camp. it was a really great 4 hours getaway! the weather was really great and the sea is almost.. almost as clear as the sea in KK la.. the feeling of floating in the sea with my ear covered up under the sea water.. can only hear my own breathing and my heart beat.. really bring peace back to me..

After the swim, me and my wife went to Buntal for some seafood. wanted to have Crab.. but no have. so have to settle with the second best la.. we had butter prawn, kung pao fried cuttle fish, a vegetable and lemon chicken! to my surprise, the Kung pao cuttle fish is Amazingly Delicious! i know.. i'm so sorry.. the food was too good that i forgot to take a snap and share my view with you! haha..

It was really a wonderful 4 hours of event! we chit-chat and had a lot of fun. and my wife actually is quite funny. her L.A.M.E joke really makes me laugh! I had a great time and hope can have another wonderful 4 hours in the near future..

p/s: parenting is really not joke task! i do not need a week Europe Vacation + Luxurious dinner! now.. a 4 hours getaway to Santubong and some nice kung pao cuttle fish is good enough! plus the L.A.M.E Jokes la.. haha..

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The winner is....

Nikon D90!!!!

Now it's time to act.. let the hunting game begin.. will be looking for the best deal in town! wish me luck..

in the very near future i will try my best to share "Gabriel's View" with all you readers.

Go! Go! Go!

p/s: if you know where i can get good deal in kuching, please leave me a message ok? thanks!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nikon D90 or Canon 550D

I am not stuck in between... Which 1 should 1 get? I personally like Nikon.. but Canon looks pretty good as well..

How? How? How?

Nikon D90

Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs

Canon 550D

How le? How???

P/S: I got a D90 and am really happy with the choice i made.. Check out some of my work at Flickr!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day 2010

I really really wanna wish all the mothers in this world a Happy Mother's day.. It's really not easy to become a mother. after witnessing my wife from a lady to a woman to a mother.. it's really a no joke task ok! (Thank God i'm a MAN..)

mothers have to go through a long period of changes both physically and mentally. I am not sure if man/men can take up this task or not.. (mayb can't! that's why only lady can give birth!)

let's start with Physical:
1. BODY SHAPE change!! from ")(" to "( )"
2. during pregnancy sleeping habit, style, position, time all change. (no more your favorite pose or time)
3. walk also become very "chor loh"
4. face also become "bengkak" from "kua ci' face to "fa sui roti" face..
5. feet cant fit into those 10" heels... need to only wear stupid "CROCS" shoes..
6. no more tight jeans... no more mini skirts..
7. pimples all over her face and body due to hormone changes..
8. cant eat your favorite food.. like char kueh tiaw, KFC, Mc.D, IceCream,...etc only healthy food!
9. imagine carry another 10kg around your body everyday. sure gonna have backache and also foot pain..
10. u get tired all the time..

now the Mental part.
1. your memory start to decay.. short term memory..
2. stress out easily.. when baby kick you stress.. when baby dont kick you also stress.. stress!!
3. see other lady in nice dress and high heel.. you start to stress again...
4. see something you like and you can have it.. like deliciously sinful food!!
5. The worst past is.. Shopping!!!! i know all the girls love to SHOP! imagine this.. you like a pair of latest MNG super skinny tight Jeans.. WAH!!! so nice and GUESS WHAT!! ngam-ngam that time got 90% discount! YO! 90% discount ok?? only cost you about RM15/pc. u cant even try.. imagine u pregnant, bring a pair of those jeans to fitting room.. people will think you SIAW!!

there are more la.. but i think the point is clear liaw la..

the pain that mothers have to go through during labour.. tsk tsk tsk.. i tell you.. Wait!! i also dunno how to tell you la.. go and ask your mummy ok? the other day my mum told me that she had to go through pain for 4.5DAYs!! my wife 1 day also almost wanna DIE liaw.. imagine 30 years ago.. (oh ya.. i am 30 liaw! sigh..) medical equipment/technology not so good.. pain killer also dunno can kill pain or not la.. 4.5 days!! walauler... RESPECT!!

I hope this sharing can help you to appreciate your mum more. Mothers are also human. they also make mistake. they are not perfect. we seriously need to treat them better and also appreciate what they have gone through to bring you and me to this world.

My mother always try to give us 1st class service. She always try to give us the best. until the stage that she would rather not to spend anything on herself. she would give give give until there is nothing more to offer to us.. she loves us so much.. everytime when i go back home i always get "royal treatment"! she will cook anything we requested. she would bake any cakes or cookies as long as we requested! it will be on the table tomorrow. i can guarantee that! she would do my laundry and iron my clothes! (come on la.. i am 30 years old liaw.. she is not my maid..) that's the extend she will go!

"Mummy! i just wanna say i love you and want to dedicate the following song to you.. hope you like it!"


My wife KIM.. now also a mother! hehe.. i just want to say thank you so so much for giving up yourself to bring us this new family member. your journey to become a mother really open up my eyes. it's really not an easy journey. i appreciate everything that you do for me and for our new family. our marriage life has just enter a whole new chapter. and i hope that we can continue to walk together hand in hand for many more chapters to come. be it sweet, sour, bitter or spicy! we are in this together and we will walk together. I love you!!