Saturday, May 29, 2010

Short Talk + 4 hours Getaway!

I think Facebook/twitter is really killing the blog la.. since i can just post whatever i think in facebook/twitter, and why do i have to come and login to blogger and retype rite?

just my thought la..


My church is having a church camp. so i went to Santubong yesterday for a swim since i cant join the rest for the camp. it was a really great 4 hours getaway! the weather was really great and the sea is almost.. almost as clear as the sea in KK la.. the feeling of floating in the sea with my ear covered up under the sea water.. can only hear my own breathing and my heart beat.. really bring peace back to me..

After the swim, me and my wife went to Buntal for some seafood. wanted to have Crab.. but no have. so have to settle with the second best la.. we had butter prawn, kung pao fried cuttle fish, a vegetable and lemon chicken! to my surprise, the Kung pao cuttle fish is Amazingly Delicious! i know.. i'm so sorry.. the food was too good that i forgot to take a snap and share my view with you! haha..

It was really a wonderful 4 hours of event! we chit-chat and had a lot of fun. and my wife actually is quite funny. her L.A.M.E joke really makes me laugh! I had a great time and hope can have another wonderful 4 hours in the near future..

p/s: parenting is really not joke task! i do not need a week Europe Vacation + Luxurious dinner! now.. a 4 hours getaway to Santubong and some nice kung pao cuttle fish is good enough! plus the L.A.M.E Jokes la.. haha..


  1. twitter and facebook if u wan reach out to many audience in a short period of time. but i think blogging is like keeping a diary of memorable stuffs, u get to trace back the record. and the best thing is while u r writing, u contemplate and reflect upon urself...

  2. hmmm.. you are right.. that make sense!!