Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Art Work - She is Gucci!!

Where is everybody??

Daddy's Car

Hi! I'm Gucci..

It's Dinner ready?

Gucci & Mummy

Gucci & Mummy

Some Emo Shot!

Emo Shot No.2!!

Gucci and Daddy!

Life Experience - Worried? Confused? Panic?

Life is really about making decisions. From the moment you wake up, you started asking questions already with or without you yourself knowing.

Open sleepy eyes, “Yawn… What time is it?”, “Can I sleep for another 5 minutes?”

And the older you get the decision making seems to be getting more and more challenging, harder, complicated.

Boy: Which color of balloon should I get? Red or Blue?

Teen: Which sport shoes should I get? Nike or Adidas?

Older Teen: What should I do? Accountant or Engineer? Which University should I go?

Fresh Grads: Which job should I pick? Will this be good for my future?

Working Group: Is this the right job for me? Is this the right woman to be my wife?

Married: Do we keep the money in a common account or separate accounts? When is the right time to start a family? What will happen to me during economy down turn? Will I get retrenched? Can I find a job? How can I afford to pay my loans when I do not have a job? Will my wife run away because I am jobless? (hehehe…)

The above is just some simple questions that we will ask. (I know in future the questions are going to be harder and more challenging)

But 1 thing I can say is, “Do not worry and continue to put your trust in the Lord!” He will see us through and His hand is always upon us to keep us away from pain and harm. Do not look at the world because you can only see negative things here (jobless, sickness, pain, divorce, abuse, robbery, flood, forest fire...). When you look “above”, you will know that God is in control. He allows things to happen for a very special reason that only He knows.

Matthew 6:25-34 (New International Version)

Do Not Worry

25"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? 26Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life[a]?

28"And why do you worry about clothes? See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. 29Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. 30If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith? 31So do not worry, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' 32For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. 33But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 34Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lincoln Brewster - Today is the Day Album Review

I’ve been a Christian for many many years. And I love the songs we sang in church to worship our awesome God. There are many worship leaders that I really looked up to from the local home church until the one that is making awesome worship albums! May the great God continue to bless them all.

I got this CD call Today is the Day by Lincoln Brewster. I’ve known Lincoln Brewster from a song called I Am in Love with You by Darrell Evans. If not mistaken there is this guitar solo part that is played by him. That part when he played the guitar solo really gives me goose bumps. When I listen to it today I’ll still get that! (it’s the so so good!) Amazing way of using his talent that God has given him to worship the Lord back!

The CD kicks off with Today is the Day. That song is really a high tempo song that is able to change the mood and also bring joy to your life and make you say “No Worries Mate!!”

Today is the day You have made

I will rejoice and be glad in it

I won't worry about tomorrow

I'm trusting in what You say

Today is the day!

Give Him Praise fet. Israel Houghton really gives this album another dimension. This is like Rock (Lincoln Brewster Electric Guitar) and Soul/R&B (Israel Houghton style) combination. Superb!!

God You Reign is also another amazing song. The lyric is just so simple and so true. When you listen to this song, you can easily paint a picture in you head. God is so awesome and mighty and so worthy to be praise!

You paint the night

You count the stars and You call them by name

The skies proclaim, God You reign

Your glory shines

You teach the sun when to bring a new day

Creation sings, God You reign

Now this is my favorite song! It’s called The Arms of my Savior. Somehow I feel that this song has got a little bit of John Mayer’s flavor in it. I can feel that the song is being sung by 2 persons, Lincoln Brewster and his electric guitar. The song begins with electric guitar solo. The best part of this song is the way he builds up. When it comes to the guitar solo part after the second times chorus and the way he ends the song. I just run out of word to describe right now!

There's no other place that I'd rather be

Than safe in the arms the arms of my Savior

There's no other place where I can be free

So I run to the arms the arms of my Savior

The Power of Your Name fet. Darlene Zschech (also known as the “Celine Dion” in Christian music). I just love the content of this song. It’s really talking about what is happening in this world. And also what we so called Christian should do. It’s a wake up call for us all. It’s time to stand up and do something about it. Faith without action is DEAD!

Surely children weren't made for the streets

And fathers were not made to leave

Surely this isn't how it should be

Let Your Kingdom come

Surely nations were not made for war

Or the broken meant to be ignored

Surely this just can't be what You saw

Let Your Kingdom come

Here in my heart

I will live

To carry Your compassion

To love a world that's broken

To be Your hands and feet

I will give

With the life that I've been given

And go beyond religion

To see the world be changed

By the power of Your name

The last song of this album is called Let Your Glory Shine. This song just breaks a lot of barriers in so called Christian music. The beat of the song is so different from the rest of songs in this album. (I just can’t imagine how the church will react if this song is being played in my church! Haha..) The electric guitar in this song is tune up to the MAX!! It’s nothing less compare to any songs from either Van Halen or Gun & Roses! Hehe.. (Oh! Now I know why this song is the last song!)

Well I guess nothing is too LOUD, too sloooooooow, too corny, too emotional, etc. for God! The most important thing is He looks into our heart!

Today is the Day is an amazing CD. If you have not heard this CD, I would recommend you to get a copy from any of the Salvation Book Store near you!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ngiu! Good Bye....


It’s been seven days already since you left. How are you doing? I may sound stupid asking this kind of question but I just cant stop myself from asking this question. Knowing that you are now in a better place, the place without suffering and pain. I am really happy to have you in my life and also be under your family tree. You left behind another great legacy for the younger generation to look up to and also set a very good expel for us.

Since day one, we may not be able to speak common language or communicate like others do. But deep inside us when we look at each other I know that you are happy with what I have achieved today as your grandson. The smile on your face says it all. I really miss that smile on your face. You have set a very good example for me. You are really a very generous person even when you are already so old you still want to give. Be it just a 20cents coin, sweets, oranges, pao, etc. I am sure no one around you will feel hungry and I'm glad to be one of them. You will still give even when you have nothing else to offer.

The other day when you are lying in bed with oxygen tube in your nose, you still ask me if I had my dinner yet and want to buy me dinner if I have not had my dinner. I just want to say thank you. I seriously do not know how to repay you back with all the things that you have offered. I guess I will just have to learn from you and make sure I will pass this message down to the next generation.

Not able to be at your side when you breathed your last breath really makes me feel sad. I may not be able to do anything special about your parting but at the very least I can be there to say good bye!

Your relationship with grandma also opens up my eyes. I thank God for letting me witness this Great Love Story of yours. There is not a single Love movie from Hollywood can compare to yours. Your love for one another is so simple and also so pure. I’m sure you remember the day before you left, grandma was beside your bed and she held your hand and ask you if you can still remember who she was. You were too weak to speak. You just look into her eyes and nodded your head gently. During that moment, tears just filled my eyes. Thank you for sharing your life with me.

Do not worry about grandma! She is fine. I’m also very encouraged by her. She really commits you to the Lord and knowing that one day the two of you will meet again. I guess there is where she seeks her comfort. Many of us here will take good care of her.

I’ll stop here now. May you rest in peace.


Ah Boy

Ngiu! Rest In Peace..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Life Experience – Food Poisoning

In this Life I believe it's all about the experience that we gone through. Happy, Sad, Angry, Scary, etc. As for this chapter I am going to share some record breaking, traumatizing experience. FOOD POISONING!

On Wednesday (4th Feb) I woke up and went to work as usual. Before all else, breakfast is the 1st thing u need to kick off your day. I went to the canteen as usual for my breakfast. I wanted to have Mee Jawa for that morning. But unfortunately they do not have to delicious sauce that morning (too bad).. So I went for Roti canai instead. Since roti canai is just a small slice of flour, I also took up 2 pieces of curry puffs.

*This is not the actual Roti Canai.

The both items are really disgusting. As if my mouth is full of flour. I am not sure if u know what I mean. The food is really tasteless and the curry sauce is all tasteless. I was really unhappy with that meal. Well, what to do right? Life still goes on. So I went back to my cubical and check my mail.

10mins later suddenly I feel that there is this very strong urge of vomiting. I rush to the nearest toilet and start puking water.

Puke #1

Man.. If u know me.. Puking is really not my expertise. For normal case I would prefer to swallow up all the stuff and suffer the consequences than “releasing”. That’s how I would normally deal with vomiting. Can also put it in another word, I am a "chicken" when come to vomiting. That morning there is no chance for me to think at all whether I want to swallow or not. The "juice" just gushed out. After that I though I will be fine so I proceed with my work.

I think in less than 5 minutes, the same thing came again. This time the urge is so much stronger than the 1st time. I vomited again for the 2nd time.

Puke #2 ( record breaking).

I begin to suspect I’m being poisoned by the disgusting “flour” I had this morning. by then I felt so weak and also tired both mentally and physically. This is really a traumatizing experience for me. I though after 2 times of record breaking experience I would be alright. So I went to the production line to run some test. Before I could start my 1st test, the damn flour is kick me again. I cant believe I just broke my own new record in less than 30mins.

Puke #3!

I decided to go and pay a visit to the in house clinic. That time I was too tired to even sit. The nurse gave me a small tablet to help to fight the “evil flour” in me. Unfortunately, the flour is so much stronger than the “saint”. I puked again! Damn! For the 4th time!! In just 1 short morning. The curry and also the “evil flour” began to appear in my vomit.

Puke #4!!!!

Doctor gave me something to eat that is suppose to help me on the food poisoning and he also release me for half day leave. When I reached home at about 1pm. I vomited for the 5th times (I’m now the champion for vomiting already).

Puke #5 (This is the Finale!!)

I'm the Champion now! 5 times in 1 morning

After that I really got knock out and sleep for the whole afternoon. Exhausted!

What a wonderful experience!

Now i know how it feels like to be Merlion!!

Merlion! I respect u! 247 non-stop! Sorry, i guess u are the real Champion!

All thanks to the Damn “flour”!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Torres! You did it again!!

This morning is another Super Sunday big match for the Mighty Red. Unfortunately I fell asleep around 1130 and the match start at 12am. zzzzzzZZZZZZZZz.....

Suddenly I woke up around 1:30am I do not know why.. May be is the sound from Anfield. Hehe.. I manage to catch the last 30min of the game.

This is the best place to be...

When I turn on the TV the score was 0-0 but from there Liverpool was dominating the game. The blue pussy cat barely got chance to attack. Then after substitution, Benayoun really change the whole game plan and able to bring the game to a different level!

At around 89min, there is a super cross from the left side and the hero Torres manage to guide the ball into the net by using his golden head. And at that point I am fully awake! 1 for Liverpool!! (Hahahaha..) 0 for the blue pussy cat..

And during extra time, due to mistake from the blue pussy cat defender, and a very smart play by Benayoun, Torres manage to grab another easy goal and make it 2-0. What a way to end the game!!

Torres: "Who's your daddy!!!"

Later on during the match review, only I realize Lam Pa was send out for a doing a very controversy sliding tackle. I think he should just get a yellow card instead of a straight RED. But too bad la.. I guess it’s Chinese New Year. Since he is Lam Pa, he must be a Chinese and celebrate Chinese New Year. “Uncle Choi” wants to give him big ANG POW!!

Uncle Choi: "Hey Lam Pa! Ang Pow for you.. Gong Xi Fa Chai!!"

Go! Go! Go!! Liverpool!

Torrrr….res! Torres! Torres! Torres!