Monday, February 2, 2009

Torres! You did it again!!

This morning is another Super Sunday big match for the Mighty Red. Unfortunately I fell asleep around 1130 and the match start at 12am. zzzzzzZZZZZZZZz.....

Suddenly I woke up around 1:30am I do not know why.. May be is the sound from Anfield. Hehe.. I manage to catch the last 30min of the game.

This is the best place to be...

When I turn on the TV the score was 0-0 but from there Liverpool was dominating the game. The blue pussy cat barely got chance to attack. Then after substitution, Benayoun really change the whole game plan and able to bring the game to a different level!

At around 89min, there is a super cross from the left side and the hero Torres manage to guide the ball into the net by using his golden head. And at that point I am fully awake! 1 for Liverpool!! (Hahahaha..) 0 for the blue pussy cat..

And during extra time, due to mistake from the blue pussy cat defender, and a very smart play by Benayoun, Torres manage to grab another easy goal and make it 2-0. What a way to end the game!!

Torres: "Who's your daddy!!!"

Later on during the match review, only I realize Lam Pa was send out for a doing a very controversy sliding tackle. I think he should just get a yellow card instead of a straight RED. But too bad la.. I guess it’s Chinese New Year. Since he is Lam Pa, he must be a Chinese and celebrate Chinese New Year. “Uncle Choi” wants to give him big ANG POW!!

Uncle Choi: "Hey Lam Pa! Ang Pow for you.. Gong Xi Fa Chai!!"

Go! Go! Go!! Liverpool!

Torrrr….res! Torres! Torres! Torres!


  1. i expected a draw.... :(
    i followed the match til 80++ minutes, then i fell alseep so i missed the first goal, luckily i saw the second one.

  2. NOOO~ It was a lousy call...Stupid lousy call.
    What a lousy nite. Arghhhh...
    Stupid Reffff~ Bet someone paid him n stuff...