Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Life Experience – Food Poisoning

In this Life I believe it's all about the experience that we gone through. Happy, Sad, Angry, Scary, etc. As for this chapter I am going to share some record breaking, traumatizing experience. FOOD POISONING!

On Wednesday (4th Feb) I woke up and went to work as usual. Before all else, breakfast is the 1st thing u need to kick off your day. I went to the canteen as usual for my breakfast. I wanted to have Mee Jawa for that morning. But unfortunately they do not have to delicious sauce that morning (too bad).. So I went for Roti canai instead. Since roti canai is just a small slice of flour, I also took up 2 pieces of curry puffs.

*This is not the actual Roti Canai.

The both items are really disgusting. As if my mouth is full of flour. I am not sure if u know what I mean. The food is really tasteless and the curry sauce is all tasteless. I was really unhappy with that meal. Well, what to do right? Life still goes on. So I went back to my cubical and check my mail.

10mins later suddenly I feel that there is this very strong urge of vomiting. I rush to the nearest toilet and start puking water.

Puke #1

Man.. If u know me.. Puking is really not my expertise. For normal case I would prefer to swallow up all the stuff and suffer the consequences than “releasing”. That’s how I would normally deal with vomiting. Can also put it in another word, I am a "chicken" when come to vomiting. That morning there is no chance for me to think at all whether I want to swallow or not. The "juice" just gushed out. After that I though I will be fine so I proceed with my work.

I think in less than 5 minutes, the same thing came again. This time the urge is so much stronger than the 1st time. I vomited again for the 2nd time.

Puke #2 ( record breaking).

I begin to suspect I’m being poisoned by the disgusting “flour” I had this morning. by then I felt so weak and also tired both mentally and physically. This is really a traumatizing experience for me. I though after 2 times of record breaking experience I would be alright. So I went to the production line to run some test. Before I could start my 1st test, the damn flour is kick me again. I cant believe I just broke my own new record in less than 30mins.

Puke #3!

I decided to go and pay a visit to the in house clinic. That time I was too tired to even sit. The nurse gave me a small tablet to help to fight the “evil flour” in me. Unfortunately, the flour is so much stronger than the “saint”. I puked again! Damn! For the 4th time!! In just 1 short morning. The curry and also the “evil flour” began to appear in my vomit.

Puke #4!!!!

Doctor gave me something to eat that is suppose to help me on the food poisoning and he also release me for half day leave. When I reached home at about 1pm. I vomited for the 5th times (I’m now the champion for vomiting already).

Puke #5 (This is the Finale!!)

I'm the Champion now! 5 times in 1 morning

After that I really got knock out and sleep for the whole afternoon. Exhausted!

What a wonderful experience!

Now i know how it feels like to be Merlion!!

Merlion! I respect u! 247 non-stop! Sorry, i guess u are the real Champion!

All thanks to the Damn “flour”!

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