Saturday, November 13, 2010

Love Letter from.....

today i received a very special love letter.. wooo hoo!!!!


Ka Na Sai!! haha...

i was so worry not knowing how many traffic offense have i committed until i have to get a love letter from the police.. so i went online and check what did i do wrong.. to my surprise!! i found.....


i think this malaysia police must b really "jiak ba bo su joh" simply send me letter... better they go catch criminal la.. simply send me this kind of love letter.. lucky i do not get any heart attack la..

since i already do the hard work by searching the web.. here is the link for your convenient.. go check if you have any saman or not la..

please be careful on the road ok? stay safe.. do not drink n drive, do not talk on the cell phone or sms while driving ok? a lot of police recently in kuching.. may be this Q4 sales not hit yet.. so watch out!!

P/S: also check your car's road tax and take out your wallet and see if your driving license already expired or not la.. cheers..

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Katy Perry - Firework

Great meaningful song.. Awesome MTV too.. Have a great day!!

P/S: Boom! Boom! Boom! Even brighter than the Moon! Moon! Moon!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Father & Son

Father & Son is a very special relationship. after becoming a father only i get to see and experience more of a role as a father.

now that i am both son and a father. this make me even more "special".

when i was just a son.. there are many things that my father did that i will never understand until the day i become father. suddenly everything just make sense. a father will do anything to make sure that the son has the best. a father will try all kinds of thing to make sure the son is happy. while the father is trying and doing, the son might not feel that and not appreciate at all. but that will not mater until the father see the final result... which is the smile on his son's face.

Son! Daddy will always be there for you..

Son! take courage n walk.. daddy is always behind you watching..

This is also a reminder for me as God is our Father in Heaven and we are his children. He will always give us the best and His love for us is just so amazing. the Heavenly Father's love for us is the greatest love of all! Thank you Lord!

P/S: Christianity is not a religion! It's a relationship with God! Amen!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Short Talk

For guys:
U need a watch now! Will u spend let say RM1000 to buy a fake grade AAA Rolex or buy an original Seiko/Citizen watch?

For gals:
U need a handbag now! So.. Will u spend RM1000 to buy a fake grade AAA LV bag or an original ermmm... Bonia/Guess Bag?

Pls share ur view with me! I'm just curious on what is in people's mind nowadays. Hehe.. Also for the fun la..

P/S: the fake grade AAA means only the maker will b able to tell that is fake. Normal people will not know the difference.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Easy Pop 1... 2... 3...

do you love to eat junk food? Keropok? chips? chocolate?

there is this easy to make junk food for you.. i'm addicted and it's fun to make it.. just follow the step below.. Come! let me introduce you something that will POP you out!!

I normally will make 1 while watching a football match.. not forgetting to go with a can of icy-cold beer.. yeah~~

Step by Step:

This is how it look like..

Take out the good stuff inside..

Microwave popcorn!

Open up the door..

Make sure follow the instruction.. Face up!

3 minutes only..

Press "Start"

Wait... wait.. wait...

hehe... Check out the "fatty" inside..


After 3minutes of "slimming" session..

Check it out...

hu.. hu.. hu.. cant wait to put my hand inside..

Pour it out in to a bowl.. and you are good to go..

This DIY Popcorn is not like the 1 selling in MBO or Stars Cineplex. This is SALTY!!! Super yummy.. and i normally add a little bit of pepper.. to add some spiciness for the "kick"!

When we eat, we also must eat with knowledge and wisdom! so.. this is my theory..

"Sweetness can make you fall in love at 1st bite.. but Saltiness can take you go a long way..."

P/S: Can get this at the Spring Ta Kiong for only Rm 3.40.. P.L.C, DIY, fun, junk food! Highly recommended~

Thursday, October 7, 2010


* Before you start scrolling down.. i need to let you know that.. it's all about football! this is also part of my life! and one day i will be watching them playing in Anfield!! ONE DAY!!!


It's really sad to see my favourite club now at the current position. they are suppose to be at the top of the table fighting and slaying the lion and devil! but now they are at the relegation zone a.k.a bottom 3..

How can they end up like this?

How can they loose to Blackpool at HOME?? who? blackpool? Got blackpool 1 meh? swimming pool i know la..

How can they play so badly?
How come? How come?

I have too many questions in my head.. i just dunno what else to ask now.. too many???????

But today I just read the news saying that they are being bought over by New England Sports Venture (NESV). I am very surprised! it's kind of like forced sell. Now that they are going to finalize who will be the new owner tomorrow in the court. if they win, then we will say good bye to "Tom n Jerry"! they came and really messed up the club. wanting to make profit from their investment and not for the love of the game.

Tom n Jerry

NESV is the onwer of Boston Red Sox and I'm a big fan of Boston Red Sox! Woo Hoo!! and now they are going to buy over my other favourite club Liverpool! i'm just trilled!! It's an Awesome feeling. not sure how to say this. but... it's great.. i guess we just have to wait and see what happen..

Go Red Sox!!!

I like the NESV mentality..

"NESV's philosophy is all about winning and they have fully demonstrated that at Red Sox. "

The new boss: John W. Henry

*Check out his cigar man.. damn tua ki lo... i wonder what Monica Lewinsky is thinking if she see this? hehe..

Wow! i'm loving it.....!

hehe.. sorry.. got some cigar advertisement.. back to the topic again..

Now getting this winning mentality back to the players is very important. they need to start winning games to climb back up to the top of the table. if not.. i'll be waiting to buy very cheap liverpool jersey next year! haha..

Next game is very important. It's a Mersey Side Derby..

I hope tomorrow everything can be finalize and the new owner can take over and the rest of the team can focus on this important fixture. and kick off the winning form! Roy!! Please stay with 4-4-2 formation. Now Macherano is no more there and you can't play 4-5-1. Torres needs support at the front. Gerrard needs to go back to Centre and do what he does best!!

Roy! the new manager. he did very well in Fulham

1 thing i am not too sure is this fella.. The new Chairman of the club.. Martin Broughton! He is a HARDCOCE Chelsea Fans!!! I seriously do not know how can he be the new chairman. He is good at what he did No doubt about it. but i'm just not too sure... hmm.. shall wait and see..

Orang Kerusi! Martin Broughton

Martin: "Roy! say Cheezzzz!"
Roy: "he-he"

See.. just now can smile until so nice.. now the face like "无间道"

Let's go back to the real team.. I think this figure should set the bar for the rest to follow. he is non other than my favourite captain.. Stevie. G! The soul of the team..

My Hero no.8!

I was searching high and low for a picture where my team is lifting the trophy. i am really sad to say i just cant find any.. 1990 it's been too long my team.. please bring back the trophy to Anfield!!

Baby.. It's time to come HOME!!

P/S: You'll Never Walk Alone!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Guns n Roses - Knocking on Heaven's Door

As i was driving out to do banking about 2 hours ago, suddenly this song just came into my mind and cant stop playing itself in my head. so i just post it here.. since this is what i normally do.. good things must share... :)

really an awesome song.. seems like nowadays it's kind of difficult to find a quality song like this..

oh ya! btw.. he is not lip sing ok.. and his voice is what we called ROCK!!

P/S: ROCK ON!!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Hey people.. i just upload a series of Lego pictures in my Flickr! go check them out ya.. i am just too lazy to post the pictures here in blogspot.

There are two ways of doing that.
1. Click the link above.
2. Click the Pictures from the side bar "Gabriel's View Gallery" on the right of your screen.

Pictures taken by my Nikon D90.. seems like quite a number of people view my blog about Nikon D90 VS Canon 550D. now if you want to see more pictures that i took using my D90.. please follow the link above as well..

P/S: Please leave comments ya.. thanks!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


When you read at the title walker.. i am not sure what r u thinking.. but if you are a Starwars Fans.. i am so sorry.. i am not going to touch anything on either Anakin Skywalker or Luke Skywalker..

Anakin Skywalker @ Darth Vader @ Father

Luke Skywalker @ Son

Or if you are some alcohol fans.. i am also very sorry.. i am not going anywhere near Johnnie Walker..

Yeah.. Keep Walking...

May be you might be thinking of me paying another tribute to Michael Jackson the moon walker.. So sorry.. this is also not the time..

The late Moon Walker..

This time... It's all about a new kind of Walker.. called.. Isaac Walker.. hahaha...

P/S: Oh man.. my boy is really growing fast...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Short Talk

WAH!!!! Stress arrrrr!!!

my best friend's wedding is coming.. i know mine is over, but why still stress right?
but i very stress lo!!!
summo have to prepare speech for the dinner.
walauler.. STRESS til the MAX!!

Have not been speaking on stage for a very long time. come to think about it.. STRESS!

Wish me luck! and the time is ticking!! Spetember 11th 2010 is coming really fast!!

P/S: Hope can do a good speech for him la.. he deserved a good 1.. (now i just make myself more stress)

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Today it's a very special day that i need to blog it down.

My son got his very first tooth!

it's just so so so cute.. hahaha.. no wonder he keeps using his tongue to touch his lower gum recently and his saliva just flow like Niagara Fall!

too bad it's so difficult to take a photo of his very first tooth. i will try to add a photo when i manage to get 1 later.. Stay tune...

Check out the white thing.. hehe..

P/S: man.. my baby son is turning into a boy already! oh my...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Extreme TEST for Nikon D90 & 550D

pheeeww... I didnt know that my D90 is such a tough lady until i saw this video. It's very dangerous! Do NOT try this at home. well.. unless u are super duper yuper rich and RICH!

I don know what to say after watching this video.
What i know is.. my D90 will not have the same fate that the one in the video...
I feel sorry for that 2 "fella" already...


Sunday, August 29, 2010

D.I.Y Project (D90 Pop Up Flash Diffuser)

I just completed a DIY Project for my D90. It's a Diffuser for the Pop-Up Flash. Very simple and the effect seems pretty good. I will try to use that in the coming Wedding event and see if that can help get a better pictures. So far i'm quite happy with the result!

Set #1

Taken without the Diffuser

With Diffuser

Set #2

Without Diffuser

With Diffuser

Set #3

Without Diffuser

With Diffuser


After so much talking.. this is how it look like. i have to take this picture with my cellphone. haha..


This is my toy D90

The Pop-Up Flash

Here comes the Diffuser!!

Side View of the Diffuser

My D.I.Y Project!

P/S: D.I.Y is fun.. and the result is great.. Can't wait to try some night photography!