Saturday, November 13, 2010

Love Letter from.....

today i received a very special love letter.. wooo hoo!!!!


Ka Na Sai!! haha...

i was so worry not knowing how many traffic offense have i committed until i have to get a love letter from the police.. so i went online and check what did i do wrong.. to my surprise!! i found.....


i think this malaysia police must b really "jiak ba bo su joh" simply send me letter... better they go catch criminal la.. simply send me this kind of love letter.. lucky i do not get any heart attack la..

since i already do the hard work by searching the web.. here is the link for your convenient.. go check if you have any saman or not la..

please be careful on the road ok? stay safe.. do not drink n drive, do not talk on the cell phone or sms while driving ok? a lot of police recently in kuching.. may be this Q4 sales not hit yet.. so watch out!!

P/S: also check your car's road tax and take out your wallet and see if your driving license already expired or not la.. cheers..

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