Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011...

I seriously cant believe that there is not even a single post for the month of December 2010. What a way to say good bye to 2010. It's been an awesome 2010 for me. the arrival of my son really bring my life to a whole new level and he also open up a lot of new different episodes in my life which i have never experienced in my passed 30 years. everything just evolve around my son right now. he really affect everything in both me and my wife's life. how we eat, how we sleep, how to talk, how we joke.....

I'm beginning to enjoy my new life as a father. knowing that there is so many things for me to learn and also so many thing for me to teach and show as a father just gave me the extra motivation in life to be a better person.

the journey ahead of me is not going to be easy. but i'm just going to take my own pace and enjoy every single moment in life. be it sweet, bitter, sour, spicy or tasteless..

Bring It On!!!

P/S: Dear Lord Jesus, please help me to be a good father to my son. give me the wisdom to lead my family. continue to guide our everyday life. protect us and cover us. help us continue to be a blessing to the people around us and let Your love flow through our life. Amen.

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