Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Year New Journey

I'm just so excited for 2011. it's going to be a brand new year and brand new challenges ahead. as i'm going to be father again! means there will be extra burden on my shoulders. but it's going to be all good. does this mean that i am going to lose another 10kg? i'm not sure.. let's wait and see.. haha..

finally i got reply from them.. i've been trying to work with them since last year. went for a couple of interviews but no news.. finally i got a call from them on last Thursday. i'm just so so so so shocked!! (in a good way). God really answer my prayers. it's been a very complicated and confused journey. but i'm glad it's all sorted out now. knowing what is my direction for this year and also where to channel my energy. i'll do my very best with this new company to prove myself i can do it. it's not going to be easy. but i'm sure with God by my side and my family behind me to support, i'll make it! (the company name is to be announced in the later blog)

now i'm going to resign from the current company. it's never easy to say good bye. people are nice and helpful. but i think is time for me to move to a whole new chapter and also whole new journey. i'll be stepping away from engineering field for good. i'm not sure how will i cope, but i'll just have to keep my head held high and walk by faith. having the right attitude and also the mindset will get me far. not forgetting the opportunity too.

well.. wish me all the luck and best! i'll reveal more detail in the coming post.

This is a hint...

P/S: Thank You Jesus for granting me my heart desire. now i can spend more time with my family and have to travel less. You are a good God who answer our prayers. Thank you...

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