Friday, February 26, 2010

New Life

I am now a father. i mean a F.A.T.H.E.R! i seriously do not know how to express my feeling. i have never imagine myself as a father. wow... to be very honest. it is not easy at all.

my son came on the 11th Feb 2010. when i 1st saw him, i am really speechless. it's like meeting someone who is always with you but you have never see him before. when he was still in my wife's tummy, everynight i sing to him, i speak to him, i tell him shot stories, play him some nice music, tell him how much i love him. but i never see him before. when he came out from OT, it just bring tears to my eyes. it's unspeakable JOY!

when i was a bachelor, i do not have to worry about anything. just me myself and I. after i got married, i learn that life is not just about me. i need to put my wife in consideration. her view, her feeling, her everything before i make any decision. NOW... i felt that my resposible as the head of the house just increased! now only only need to consider my wife, i need to make decision for my son. and every decision that i make will determine how he will be in the future. it is my resposibility as a father. besides, now i need to work extra hard to find money to support this new family of mine.

my son is really a gift from God. i thank you Lord for blessing me with a son. this "promotion" really just bring to me a whole new level. everyday when i hold him in my arm and smell his hair, that moment is just priceless and speechless. see him grow everyday is really a joy.

my lifestyle is also force to change now. before the arrival of my son, both me and my wife can sleep from night until morning undisturb. the only thing that will wake us up in the morning is my stupid but faithful alarm clock! i am not sure about you. i hate my alarm clock!

now i just got myself a new time bomb! the new "alarm clock" is crazy. the alarm can go off anytime. yes ANYTIME! when the 'alarm' is either hungry, wet, cold, hot, poo-poo, and many others that is yet to reveal, i will be trigger. the best thing about this alarm is... i cant SNOOZE!!! i just have to get out from the cosy comforter and attend to the "alarm". each wake is not just 5min. can be from 1 hour to 4 hours. there goes my sleep. this is really tired both physically and mentally.

BUT... very funny i'm enjoying every single moment from making milk, feeding him, washing his butt, cleaning the poo-poo, changing the nappy, etc.

Dear Lord,
i just pray that You will give me the extra strength to carry on this great responsibility and also to carry out the duty as a good father. Amen!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's time...

My Baby is coming!!!!

getting ready to go now.. hopefully will update soon...

busy busy busy busy.... so many things to do.. so many things still need to be done.. so many things la...

Dear Lord,

I pray for protection over our family esp mummy and baby.. please watch over us all. give us the strength and also courage to go through this stage of life.

peace and joy be upon us and fill us.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

My First Blog in Hubby's Blogspot

I didn't know to write an interesting, amusing, attention seeking blog is so TOUGH!!! Need to be careful with the spelling and the grammar which were same as writing a proper essay in University time. Really respect those blogger who are willing to spend long hours of their precious time to write to entertain strangers outside the world and also may be some aliens as well.

Hubby kept pressuring me to write something in his blog in order to make his blog ALIVE!!! "Where got like dat one???" Few weeks ago, I just suggested to him to put a graveyard picture in his blog and declared RIP. *grin* But I think he don't want I guess.

What should I share? Something lovely dovey that makes readers puke? Something personal that readers would start to judge me? Something to show off that makes readers think I am being 'hao lian"? Something stupid to amuse the readers? *scratching my head*

WALAO le...Say dont know what to write, the introduction is getting longer and longer!!! *self amused first*

Just want to let the whole world know that there is still 2 weeks left that we going to welcome the little PUI to our family. Expected due date is 16 Feb 2010.

Feeling? Of course nervous > excited as for me. I really have no idea what to expect at all as i opt for natural birth. An aunty from Church told me is better to opt for natural birth as you can experience the JOY and RELIEF when you know the baby is successfully being "push" out from your tummy. I believe it is true after the long hours of pain and all the struggles.

Really pray that I could be a good mummy for the little one and good wife for the big one after this pregnancy.

Just a short conversation of ours to share

Me: Would you still hold my hand after we have kids?

Hubby: What kind of question are you asking?

Me: Just want to confirm.

You know why I asked? Because I hardly see any parents hold hand when they have kids.