Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last day of April..

Yay!! Today is the last day of April!! Last day of April is the 30th of April. (duh!!) I would consider this is one of the best day of April simply because tomorrow the 1st of May is Labor Day also known as Public Holiday!!


In University normally I have like 3 months summer break at the end of the year. So Labor Day is like not even worth mentioning. hahaha.. But after work, any holiday I can think of suddenly become my bestest friend!! I will try very hard to tell people/HR that I am Indian in order to sneak myself in for that break!! haha.. (Just Kidding la..)

by Malaysian Rule.. a worker are entitle to have minimum of 8 days of annual leaves a year if i ma not mistaken. My new company is not too bad, i can have 15 days a year.
So that is like soooooo...

I will be going away from Kuching for a short break.. Hope after the short holiday with my wife and friends, i can write some more interesting stuff here to share with you..

Can't Wait for tomorrow to come la...


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy 29th Birthday

I am already 29 years old. thank you.

i had a great time. no crazy all night long party. no beer. no loud music. but nice food, nice companion and presents!! yeah~~

this year i decided to celebrate my birthday with my wife only. so we went to Mr.Ho Fine Food for my birthday dinner. initially i wanted to bring my wife to San Francisco Grill for some nice romantic dinner. but unfortunately the place is close on every Monday!! then we end up having dinner in Mr.Ho Fine Food. No regret la.. nice food and also nice place..

Man.. Do I look 29?? haha...

1st dish is salad

Soup of the day.. Cream Mushroom Soup..

I love Garlic Bread..

That's us in the quiet restaurant..

The main Course..

Roasted Chicken..

Roasted Pork Knuckle..

San Cham Bak Roast to Perfection..

Pork Rib with sweet sauce.. yummy..

Aha!! My present!! yeah~~

A nice way to save cost la.. hahaha...

Here we go...

wow.... 2 summo..

Long sleeves..

Short Sleeves...

Thank you so much Dear..

i am not sure if you notice la.. every time in the Hong Kong movie, the Police will always come and do the ending part when all the bad guys are all dead.. then the police cars and the ambulance will arrive.. then they pretend to run with their equipment to the scene and try to catch the bad guy.. it's kind of sad la.. after the dinner, when everything seems to go very smooth... suddenly i receive 1 last present from the police!!!

Thank You Police!!
I never knew you guys work so damn hard!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


somebody once told me that 2009 is going to be a special year for me. i believe so not because i got fired from a company and found a new job, not because Obama is the 1st black President of the United States, or i will kena Magnum 4D...

It's kind of sad la.. this year 2009 will be my last year being 20th something years old... 29 is the last number.. i still cannot imagine i am turning 30 soon.. i still do not think that i am 29 la.. what more to say 30?? i do not know about others, but i do not feel 29 at all la.. i feel like i am mayb around 22? 23? hahahaa... may be younger...

now people in my young adults group is 1 decade younger than me liaw.. some are only 19.. man.. think about the number is really freaking me out. i definitely do not behave like a 29 years old man.. *ahem!!
hahaha... but who cares right.. as long as i am happy and nothing else matters.. yeah~~

but this year 2009 i really need to make sure i archieve something special before i turn 30 next year. i do not know exactly what i want to archieve, but i will blog it when i find out later.. something extraordinary will be interesting.. something out of my system.. something out of my comfort zone!! let's wait and see la..

btw.. please feel free to comment la.. do i look 29?? personally i do not think so la.. hahahaha...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Me..

I do not know how to express my feeling very well.. But i am basically HAPPY! Finally feel so free and relax. It's like the feeling of walking out from prison.. not that i have been to prison la.. but come to think about it.. WD in a way is like a prison la.. hahahaha...

when i was still in WD, there are too many things going on at the same time.. if you really want to know how i feel that time, just put urself in my shoes and start to imagine these.. Plant shut down, potential buyer want to buy but no idea when they will buy, company direction, new management, most important thing is 20% or 30% PAY CUT??, restructuring, etc..

physically i think i gain weight due to nothing much to do.. most of us just spend a lot of time in the cafeteria.. since there is nothing much to do. But mentally is ultimate Stressed up, uncertainty, in cafeteria is where you will hear different type of rumors la. that only increase your brain workload.. haha.. gossip is really bad for health!! i can testified on that!

I believe God just gave me a way out and i am sure He heard my cries.. and i want to thank all of you who prayed together with me during this period of crisis time. i thank God for sending you into my life. i know that there is a reason when we went through the trails. God has a purpose for us. Now i am free... I am Free... I AM FREE... So Free.. SO FREEEE.... but Married!! (aduh~) hahahahaa... (she's goanna kill me.. Lord help me...)

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
9 Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work:

10 If one falls down, his friend can help him up. but pitty the man who falls and has no one to help him up!

11 Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone?

12 Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three shands is not quickly broken.

The verses above is what the Lord gave me during my wedding. I am really thankful that God gave me a friend called my wife.. she is not perfect yet.. but i am sure that day will come.. she really encouraged me lot during this period of time. she is also very "china man". (always say other people china man...) not very expressive. well we are all CINA la.. haha.. but i know she really concern about me and also she fight this battle with me all the way. now that when i got the job we both share the same joy and share the same hapiness.. This is what life is all about la!!

"Good things must share.. Don't just keep to yourself!!"

Speaking about that... There is a Store wide SALES in LEA CENTRE.. Everything 50% off!! go and check it out.. from cap to socks and everything in between..

Not only i got a new job.. i also got quite a number of things from there too.. everything 50% off!! hahaha... Praise The Lord!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Job Hunt Result!!!

I just want to begin this blog by saying Praise The Lord!

in December 2008, after came back from a friend's wedding in KL, my company WD announced they want to close down the facility in Kuching. meaning to say 2000 people will be jobless at the same time. i can clearly remember this, everyone was being called to cafeteria for an emergency cum important communication session with the CEO. starting i thought mayb they might announced size down plan. see see, i saw this line in the presentation "We want to SHUT DOWN Kuching Facility!" at that time, many people were panic, can really can see "Oh Shit!!" on their face expression.

As for me, i was very cool. not much expression. not even worry. i do not know why! but during lunch time as i was walking to my car, i just felt very PEACEFUL inside me. i knew straight away that is from God. i have never had that kind of feeling in my entire life. immediately after that the word "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Matt6:34. I knew God will take care of me.

so i began to look for job. sent in quite a number of applications around. seems like no news for few months. a lot of people begin very concern about my job and many people prayed for me. i just want to say thank you so much for your support and also help during this difficult time. i still do not worry a bit i do not know why. i guess i must be stupid or something la.. hahaha...

as i continue to pray, suddenly things begin to happen, doors begin to open and people start to call me up for interview. i went to a few interviews and all seems to be very positive. but after interview suddenly everyting become very quiet again. no news after that. deep inside me i thought that may be i am not suitable for the job and also i am not good enough for the job. i begin to feel a bit dissapointed. thinking i did quite well and how come no call from them. what is my future going to be? am i going to get a job? am i good enough to compete with the rest of my ex-collegues?

but i kept believe that my God will provide. I kept telling people that God will provide eventhough i do not get any call. when people ask me about my job, i just ask them to pray for me.

today.. i have 2 offer letters in my mail box. as i keep believing that God will make a way for me and i just have to keep trusting Him. He will reward me. God is very good, He dont only give me a job, but He gave me a few to choose. i really want to share this to everyone that, "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all that shall be added unto you." Matt6:33.

I hope that this short testimony can encourage you in any possible way. i will be starting my new job with the new company in May. i am very excited because i am about to start another chapter in my life and the most exciting part is God is walking this journey with me...

I strongly Believe that..
"Greater things have yet yo come, greater things are still to be done..."


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Swimming in the Ocean..

i think all of us will some how come across this question in this life.

"What do we really want in life?"

Often i ask myself that question as well. this kind of help me to be able to set my goal in life and show me a direction to move on. i would say life after university is very different and also a very big step to climb. in university our goal is to get good grades and also GRADUATE!!! yeah~~ (one of my proudest moment in this life!) after all, our parents trust us so much and willing to invest such huge amount of $$ into our life to study in university. and have the faith in us that we will not screw up but will be successful! (i do not know how to express my feeling towards my parents after so much that they have done in my life.. but i want to say THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME!)


After graduated from Mechatronics Engineering with a degree.. what's next? this is the beginning of the "big step" in life. now i am left alone in this world. i am very fresh. i do not know how deep is the sea. i just jump in because i just got a degree in "swimming"! Yay! the interesting part is as i am swimming in the ocean, i begin to put on "weight" (i begin to have car loan, phone bill, insurance...$$$$). thank God that i stop putting on weight after a while. but after swim for a while in the deep ocean alone, i felt tired but there is no shore for me to rest. i know i just have to keep swimming if not i will drown! Stop swimming with so much weight i will drown faster!!

then along the way i met some other people also swimming in the sea. then i begin to make friend with them. ask them where they are heading. some say they are going to the Money Island. some say they are going to a Family Island. some say ther are going to Holiday Island. when they ask me back "where are you going?" i just of look blank.. where am i heading? which island? what other island available?


I am sure a lot of us are still trying to figure out where we are heading.
some might want to swim to money island and make some money,
then swim to holiday island and meet some lady,
with the lady swim to the family island and make babies... (i'm surprise that it rhymes! hahahahaa.... i'm good...)
then what else?

i believe there is more to life than that. i do not believe that i am in this world just to live the human cycle and die. that is so predictable and boring! I seriously want to make an impact in this world that i live in. i want to see our next generation do better than what we are right now..

besides, of course i would love to have lots of money, loving and healthy family, great holidays, properties... No doubt we need those things but to what extend?
I do not want to work so hard that i make so much money and not able to be there to see my children grow up. but if i do not work hard, how am i going to support my family? i do not want them to live is a slump.. i want them to have a good life too.. but when we are working so hard after the $$$, are we able to say "stop", "enough", "cukup", "kao liaw", "sudah", "eh lei lou"... i am sure u also encounter someone in life that they stop working not because they wanted to, but their body/health just give way.. i just feel sad for those people..

how i wish someone older could have tell me more about this ocean i am about to jump in when i was still in Uni. then i can have more time trying to figure out what to do, where to go, how to control my "diet", before i blindly just jump into the ocean like everybody else. i felt that i spend too much time in Uni doing nothing benificial. but had lots of fun!! haha... may be that's why now suffer a bit la..

I guess for the time being, i just want to share with the people in college and also Uni about my life. my experiences. i may not have alot to offer, as i am not very old and have many many experiences like those people who fought in the Japan War... I am just going to make myself available and also give them my 2 cents, don't really care if they want it or not. at least i do my part. I hope that by what i've shared, i will be able to at least give them some idea of what to expect when they are swimming in the ocean.

I am still trying to figure out what i really want in life, but i am just going to take the step of faith and trust that God will reveal to me as i go for He knows me best..

May be I should ask myself, "What does He wants me to do in this life?"

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The River of Life.....

So sorry for the delay.. Finally i have time to write and update this blog again. as promised, i am going to reveal a little bit about myself again here.

i guess after moving around so much from town to town, city to city. Deep inside me i am still a very simple "kampung boy" after all.

I do not need a super big bungalow, a fancy car, a high quality FULL HD home theater to satisfy me. (but.. if i still have the above, i do not mind la.. hehehe...) I realize that i can find fulfillment in a very simple thing that do not cost a lot of money.... RIVER...

So without further a do... Let me present to you.... The Ana Rais River!!!

This place is about an hour drive from my house. The river is so clear and the water is so cold and refreshing. I do not know how to express that feeling to you. It's the so so soooo GOOD!!

Praise the Lord for blessing me with such a wonderful place that i can go and recharge myself and have picnic too.. hahahaa...