Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Job Hunt Result!!!

I just want to begin this blog by saying Praise The Lord!

in December 2008, after came back from a friend's wedding in KL, my company WD announced they want to close down the facility in Kuching. meaning to say 2000 people will be jobless at the same time. i can clearly remember this, everyone was being called to cafeteria for an emergency cum important communication session with the CEO. starting i thought mayb they might announced size down plan. see see, i saw this line in the presentation "We want to SHUT DOWN Kuching Facility!" at that time, many people were panic, can really can see "Oh Shit!!" on their face expression.

As for me, i was very cool. not much expression. not even worry. i do not know why! but during lunch time as i was walking to my car, i just felt very PEACEFUL inside me. i knew straight away that is from God. i have never had that kind of feeling in my entire life. immediately after that the word "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Matt6:34. I knew God will take care of me.

so i began to look for job. sent in quite a number of applications around. seems like no news for few months. a lot of people begin very concern about my job and many people prayed for me. i just want to say thank you so much for your support and also help during this difficult time. i still do not worry a bit i do not know why. i guess i must be stupid or something la.. hahaha...

as i continue to pray, suddenly things begin to happen, doors begin to open and people start to call me up for interview. i went to a few interviews and all seems to be very positive. but after interview suddenly everyting become very quiet again. no news after that. deep inside me i thought that may be i am not suitable for the job and also i am not good enough for the job. i begin to feel a bit dissapointed. thinking i did quite well and how come no call from them. what is my future going to be? am i going to get a job? am i good enough to compete with the rest of my ex-collegues?

but i kept believe that my God will provide. I kept telling people that God will provide eventhough i do not get any call. when people ask me about my job, i just ask them to pray for me.

today.. i have 2 offer letters in my mail box. as i keep believing that God will make a way for me and i just have to keep trusting Him. He will reward me. God is very good, He dont only give me a job, but He gave me a few to choose. i really want to share this to everyone that, "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all that shall be added unto you." Matt6:33.

I hope that this short testimony can encourage you in any possible way. i will be starting my new job with the new company in May. i am very excited because i am about to start another chapter in my life and the most exciting part is God is walking this journey with me...

I strongly Believe that..
"Greater things have yet yo come, greater things are still to be done..."



  1. yeah~~ i am really really glad!!
    and Happy that i can move on...