Saturday, April 18, 2009

Swimming in the Ocean..

i think all of us will some how come across this question in this life.

"What do we really want in life?"

Often i ask myself that question as well. this kind of help me to be able to set my goal in life and show me a direction to move on. i would say life after university is very different and also a very big step to climb. in university our goal is to get good grades and also GRADUATE!!! yeah~~ (one of my proudest moment in this life!) after all, our parents trust us so much and willing to invest such huge amount of $$ into our life to study in university. and have the faith in us that we will not screw up but will be successful! (i do not know how to express my feeling towards my parents after so much that they have done in my life.. but i want to say THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME!)


After graduated from Mechatronics Engineering with a degree.. what's next? this is the beginning of the "big step" in life. now i am left alone in this world. i am very fresh. i do not know how deep is the sea. i just jump in because i just got a degree in "swimming"! Yay! the interesting part is as i am swimming in the ocean, i begin to put on "weight" (i begin to have car loan, phone bill, insurance...$$$$). thank God that i stop putting on weight after a while. but after swim for a while in the deep ocean alone, i felt tired but there is no shore for me to rest. i know i just have to keep swimming if not i will drown! Stop swimming with so much weight i will drown faster!!

then along the way i met some other people also swimming in the sea. then i begin to make friend with them. ask them where they are heading. some say they are going to the Money Island. some say they are going to a Family Island. some say ther are going to Holiday Island. when they ask me back "where are you going?" i just of look blank.. where am i heading? which island? what other island available?


I am sure a lot of us are still trying to figure out where we are heading.
some might want to swim to money island and make some money,
then swim to holiday island and meet some lady,
with the lady swim to the family island and make babies... (i'm surprise that it rhymes! hahahahaa.... i'm good...)
then what else?

i believe there is more to life than that. i do not believe that i am in this world just to live the human cycle and die. that is so predictable and boring! I seriously want to make an impact in this world that i live in. i want to see our next generation do better than what we are right now..

besides, of course i would love to have lots of money, loving and healthy family, great holidays, properties... No doubt we need those things but to what extend?
I do not want to work so hard that i make so much money and not able to be there to see my children grow up. but if i do not work hard, how am i going to support my family? i do not want them to live is a slump.. i want them to have a good life too.. but when we are working so hard after the $$$, are we able to say "stop", "enough", "cukup", "kao liaw", "sudah", "eh lei lou"... i am sure u also encounter someone in life that they stop working not because they wanted to, but their body/health just give way.. i just feel sad for those people..

how i wish someone older could have tell me more about this ocean i am about to jump in when i was still in Uni. then i can have more time trying to figure out what to do, where to go, how to control my "diet", before i blindly just jump into the ocean like everybody else. i felt that i spend too much time in Uni doing nothing benificial. but had lots of fun!! haha... may be that's why now suffer a bit la..

I guess for the time being, i just want to share with the people in college and also Uni about my life. my experiences. i may not have alot to offer, as i am not very old and have many many experiences like those people who fought in the Japan War... I am just going to make myself available and also give them my 2 cents, don't really care if they want it or not. at least i do my part. I hope that by what i've shared, i will be able to at least give them some idea of what to expect when they are swimming in the ocean.

I am still trying to figure out what i really want in life, but i am just going to take the step of faith and trust that God will reveal to me as i go for He knows me best..

May be I should ask myself, "What does He wants me to do in this life?"

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