Saturday, April 4, 2009

The River of Life.....

So sorry for the delay.. Finally i have time to write and update this blog again. as promised, i am going to reveal a little bit about myself again here.

i guess after moving around so much from town to town, city to city. Deep inside me i am still a very simple "kampung boy" after all.

I do not need a super big bungalow, a fancy car, a high quality FULL HD home theater to satisfy me. (but.. if i still have the above, i do not mind la.. hehehe...) I realize that i can find fulfillment in a very simple thing that do not cost a lot of money.... RIVER...

So without further a do... Let me present to you.... The Ana Rais River!!!

This place is about an hour drive from my house. The river is so clear and the water is so cold and refreshing. I do not know how to express that feeling to you. It's the so so soooo GOOD!!

Praise the Lord for blessing me with such a wonderful place that i can go and recharge myself and have picnic too.. hahahaa...

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