Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last day of April..

Yay!! Today is the last day of April!! Last day of April is the 30th of April. (duh!!) I would consider this is one of the best day of April simply because tomorrow the 1st of May is Labor Day also known as Public Holiday!!


In University normally I have like 3 months summer break at the end of the year. So Labor Day is like not even worth mentioning. hahaha.. But after work, any holiday I can think of suddenly become my bestest friend!! I will try very hard to tell people/HR that I am Indian in order to sneak myself in for that break!! haha.. (Just Kidding la..)

by Malaysian Rule.. a worker are entitle to have minimum of 8 days of annual leaves a year if i ma not mistaken. My new company is not too bad, i can have 15 days a year.
So that is like soooooo...

I will be going away from Kuching for a short break.. Hope after the short holiday with my wife and friends, i can write some more interesting stuff here to share with you..

Can't Wait for tomorrow to come la...


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