Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy 29th Birthday

I am already 29 years old. thank you.

i had a great time. no crazy all night long party. no beer. no loud music. but nice food, nice companion and presents!! yeah~~

this year i decided to celebrate my birthday with my wife only. so we went to Mr.Ho Fine Food for my birthday dinner. initially i wanted to bring my wife to San Francisco Grill for some nice romantic dinner. but unfortunately the place is close on every Monday!! then we end up having dinner in Mr.Ho Fine Food. No regret la.. nice food and also nice place..

Man.. Do I look 29?? haha...

1st dish is salad

Soup of the day.. Cream Mushroom Soup..

I love Garlic Bread..

That's us in the quiet restaurant..

The main Course..

Roasted Chicken..

Roasted Pork Knuckle..

San Cham Bak Roast to Perfection..

Pork Rib with sweet sauce.. yummy..

Aha!! My present!! yeah~~

A nice way to save cost la.. hahaha...

Here we go...

wow.... 2 summo..

Long sleeves..

Short Sleeves...

Thank you so much Dear..

i am not sure if you notice la.. every time in the Hong Kong movie, the Police will always come and do the ending part when all the bad guys are all dead.. then the police cars and the ambulance will arrive.. then they pretend to run with their equipment to the scene and try to catch the bad guy.. it's kind of sad la.. after the dinner, when everything seems to go very smooth... suddenly i receive 1 last present from the police!!!

Thank You Police!!
I never knew you guys work so damn hard!!


  1. and also happy belated birthday to you!

  2. thanks!
    Mr.Ho is @ Crown Plaza ground floor..
    u know hock lee center? Crown Plaza is opposite la..

  3. Last present was by mr. police.