Monday, November 30, 2009

Shanghai Trip 2 - Food!!

I would like to share with you something from Shanghai.. i know u cant really taste. but here are some of the food that i ate in Shanghai.

This Pork is the so so so so goooood... ( ya.. i know it's fat.. But... it's gooood!)

Their vegetable all very "sui".. like all perfect 1..

Go to Shanghai you just gotta have some Steamboat la.. especially during winter..
It's soooooooooooooo COLD la..

"Ying-Yang" Steamboat.. some Chinese Medicine + Spicy Soup

I forgot what is this liaw.. some kind of noodle.. but very very hard to bite..

Tao Fu.. yumm yumm...

This is 1 big chuck of Fish ball.. D.I.Y

Oh Yeah~~ Meat Balls... Also known as "Lion Head"

Slurpp.. Imagine this boiled in the spicy soup..

How can you go Steamboat without a lady?? Introducing my new girl friend.. the Blue Girl...

According to my Shanghai Trainer, this is a very famous restaurant from Bei Jing.. Called..

Mixed Vegetable Cold Dish

China Style Of Pak-Ku..

This is so yummylicious.. haha.. Pork + Salted Egg York

Some local beans with mushroom..

Cucumber Pickle

I dunno what they call this.. But i will name it.. Bird Nest!! haha.. The nest is made from rice noodle and the meat inside is from the famous Peik King Duck Meat!!

The Si Fu showing off some skills..
Slicing the yummy thin and crispy duck skin..

Famous Peik King Duck!!!

Dessert Anyone?? You can have this.. hehe.. We were all too full to have any of the above..

If i were to upload all the food pictures here.. then people might think that this is a cooking recipe blog la.. hehe.. but those are the highlight in Shanghai..

There is a saying that my collegue from China told me.. In China, it's all about EAT.

OH YA!!!

Not forgetting 1 more very important Dish.. The Legendary "Drunken Master Crab"

The cheft just rip the crab from it's shell alive, with it's brain hanging around, then he just pour a cup of warm hard liquor over it.

No cook.
No additional flavor.
No extra color.
No photoshop also..

The Taste is Great.. You will not get the fishy smell from the crab.. I'm very amazed by that. But the texture of the crab is....... ermm... i can say very "geli"

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shanghai Trip 1

As promised, i will upload some of my pictures from Shanghai. So sorry for keeping you guys waiting. have been really busy after got back from Shanghai. SO many things to do.

I hope the following pictures will give you some idea of my trip there..

I stayed in the hotel called Howard Johnson. It cost me about RMB840/night. by right for that kind of price, it should b a very nice hotel. but after i got into the room, seems like the room is very small compare to Sofitel in Bangkok. But the 1 thing i love about the hotel is the shower Head. like shower in the rain la.. hehe..

I stayed on the 8th floor. The view from my room is so so only la.. nothing much to see..


now that i am back home, i begin to think that may b my out station life will begin to increase again with this new company. I am not sure yet. but i seriously hope that will not happen. Just before i got married, i traveled so much.. seriously i stayed in Hotel more than i stayed at home. the time I spend in the plane is more than my own car la.. for a bachelor that kind of life style is amazing. can go around many places and see many different thing, experience different culture and also meet new friends. the best part of that is all that it's paid for!! hahaha...

but after married, i felt that it's more difficult to fly so often and also i seems like more reluctant to move around. i also dunno why.. may b is the commitment and also differnt type of lifestyle after married. further more i am not sure how am i going to cope after the arrival of my baby.. we will see how that is going to change my life again la.. i have been getting a lot of advice from many people already. what i can say is..i will try my best and always give me best for my wife and son..

The All-American Rejects- I Wanna

I just love this song.. They ROCK!!!

I never thought that I was so blind
I can finally see the truth
It's me for you
Tonight you can't imagine that I'm by your side
'Cuz it's never gonna be the truth
Too far for you

But can you hear me say?
Don't throw me away
And there's no way out
I gotta hold you somehow

I wanna I wanna I wanna touch you
You wanna touch me too
Everyday but all I have is time
Our loves the perfect crime

I wanna I wanna I wanna touch you
You wanna touch me too
Every way and when they set me free
Just put your hands on me

Take everything that I know you'll break
And I give my life away
So far for you
But can you hear me say
Don't throw me away?
There's no way out
I gotta hold you somehow


Tonight I'm weak
It's just another day without you
That I can't sleep
I gave away the world for you to

Hear me say
Don't throw me away
There's no way out
I gotta hold you somehow
All I wanna do is touch you


Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm Back!

So Sorry for not able to update anything for the pass few weeks. I was in China Shanghai for training. In China, they block everything. So i was kind of cut off from my normal connection. Really out of touch from the world..

Facebook... (X)
Youtube... (X)
Blogger... (X)
Gmail... (X)
Wordpress... (X)

I am not sure why they blocked. I tried to find another way to by pass the China Security system with some tunnel. But after reading some comment from a forum, they said in China if you get caught. they will put you to jail. imagine myself in China jail because of facebook?? Come on.. Who the hell need facebook right? hehe.. So after much thinking.. I think I can live without those site during my stay in China la. So it's better to play safe la..

Now I am back in Malaysia!! not home yet.. but on my way HOME.. i'm sitting in KLIA waiting for my connecting flight at 7pm. Hope there is no delay and i can go back home. Really miss home this trip.

I will try to share some interesting pictures and story with you about my Shanghai trip when i am more free in the coming week.. Stay TUNE!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

This I Promise You - Ronan Keating

Suddenly this song came to me. A very special song for me. For those who went to my wedding in KK. I sang this special song to my wife during the dinner time. I am not sure if you will remember the song or even remember i actually sang a song for my wife!! hahaha... i believe everyone had a great time there.

This is not the number 1 Hit Song like others... but is the number 1 Song for us.. I do not have voice like Ronan Keating. But i sang with all my heart.. hehe..

Check it out!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Malaysia Airlines New Scam

Recently MAS has got a new idea to cheat all the passengers. Last Thursday when i was on my way to KK. My flight was 9am and the boarding time was 830am. I ask the counter if there is going to be any delay, they said NO! So that's very good.

I went into the waiting hall as usual. then at around 830am i went to the gate and hope can get on to the plane and rest. but when i get to the gate, suddenly there is an announcement saying the flight is delay to 940am. So i think 40min should b fine.

at 940am they announced and ask everyone to board the aircraft. so everyone just happily Q up and get to their seat. normally i will get into the flight and get comfortable and try to get some sleep. i closed my eyes and try to rest. after a while when i opened my eyes, to my surprise, i am still at the same location. no movement at all. then i looked at my watch, it's already 1015am. i was like "WTF?!?" 1030am only the flight started to move and the "safety show" begin..

See.. now if they announced the delay is until 1030am they might have to give all the passengers free meal. that is going to cost them money. By doing what they did to me, they save money and waste our time!! This is really not Professional at all. is not that i like to eat the free meal la.. just that please tell me the real flight time please. so i can plan my travelling schedule ahead..

i still wonder as a consumer or customer, is there anyway to lodge a complain for flight delay or retime? waiting in the airport is really not fun at all. This is really driving me crazy!!

How come MAS do not inform their customer about their flight delay or retime? Airasia is really doing a great job on this. I pay full price for all my MAS flights. and that is not cheap. and yet.. i do not get any sms from MAS which may only cost as low as 2cents?? sigh~~


Thursday, October 15, 2009

May Be It's Time To Change??

Yesterday morning me and my wife went out for breakfast just like every other day. nothing different. may be the weather a bit nicer la.. no rain and not too hot also.. but when i started my car engine, the sound a bit different.

"Kik-Kik! Vroooooooooommmmm...."

"Kik........Kik........Kik! Vroooooooooommmm...." (........ means silence)

So I thought may be i travel too much until the car battery also weak.. need to charge abit la.. so after breakfast i took my car for a ride. i drove all the way to Bako! yeah~~~ BAKO!! road damn straight and also not many car there.. so u know what i can do la.. hehehe...

when i arrived at that straight road, i turn off the aircon because this will "jiak tien", wind down the windows abit.. turn off the radio then I just "chiong" to my red stallion's limit la.. hehe... so long i din bring my red stallion go for a spin liaw.. i seriously cant remember the last time we went out for a secret date without my wife liaw.. so long that after chiong for a while my palm started to sweat la.. hehe.. but it's good for my heart once in a while.. hahaha...

P/S: Please do not try this at home or any other place!! Because only Highly trained Professional Driver like me can do that.. hehe..

after if i'm not mistaken about 4 laps, i slow down and park my car by the road side to call one of my customer.. telling him that i will be late.. (hehe.. this is what everyone must learn ok? do not use handphone while driving...) during the phone call i do not know why my hand so itchy go and turn off the car's engine.

Guess what? my red Stallion refuse to wake up liaw.. i am some where near Kampung Gobielt.. that is where i normally go fishing la.. but it's very far from town. suddenly i think of my "car pusher".. too bad during that day he is not around.. He is in Miri.. where is he when u need him the most!! hahaha... (Sam is my car pusher.. last time my car died also he help me to push!!)

Well like i said.. there is not many cars around that area.. so no 1 really will stop down and help me push my car la.. so i have no choice but to call the mechanic to come and have a look at my car.. really pai se la.. i'm so far from town la..

While waiting.. i just took some pictures of my fainted Red Stallion.. Wonder how much she will worth today la.. still looking great rite?? hehe... no photoshop 1 ok??

after the mechanic replace a brand new battery, she is up and kicking again!! i scared she suddenly merajuk again, so i drove her to the workshop for service la.. Total cost me RM210.

Guys.. make sure u treat ur girl.. i mean car right ok? if she merajuk, i tell u.. it's gonna cost the same amount as ur girl friend ok? life is not easy for guys la..

Hmmmm.... suddenly my smart brain come out with this theory..

"If car is equal to girl friend... the girl friend is also a Liability!!"

Hahaha.... have a nice week ahead la!! Cheers..

Thursday, October 8, 2009

What is the difference??

For my this new job, i get to travel a lot. This is really good and bad thing for me la.. I really love to travel. I like to see many different thing and also experience different thing. SO far, now i have almost cover the whole Sabah only Sandakan left. Yeah~~ I think a Sabahan also do not dare to say that la.. hehe.. Sarawak will be the next la.. since i am based in Kuching and take care of the whole Sarawak Hospitals. And not forgetting Brunei and Labuan..

But now that i am married, i still love to travel just that travelling alone and leave her alone back home just do not feel so right for me. How i wish my wife can follow me around and also share n experience the same thing that i encounter. But this is not possible la with her current job position and also she is pregnant.. (make me more difficult.. leaving both mummy and baby behind..)

Now i go to airport more than i go to eat Kam Pua la. Sigh~ But the good thing is i get to fly with Malaysia Airlines. At the beginning, i thought MAS should be great la. More space, no need to fight with other people for seat, got food to eat, more relaxing, not much delay.... BUT!!!! all that is not true.. sigh~~ Mayb the fighting for seat part only la..

I have encounter many many time flight delay by MAS. They normally do not give me any reason why the flight is delayed. I asked them what happen? they just say technical problem. Weather is bad (outside is a sunny day).. I also blur la.. But the funny thing is.. MAS they do not use the word Delay.. They say RETIME!!

Can someone please tell me what is the different? I am wondering if i can ask for compensation for my time loss. Time wasted waiting in Airport.. If we all agree that Time = Money. So my time wasted in airport, they should compensate me with something la.. sigh~~ I am really mad have to wait in the airport alone for HOURS~~ waiting for my flight..

They should improve their system la. Al least AirAsia will sms u and tell u ahead of time that the flight is retimed or cancelled! So we do not have to wait in the airport like stupid fella la.. Waiting in airport is really not comfortable as all. If they have nice sofa and cossy environment then different story la. Really do not know what they are thinking and flying MAS is not cheap. They should have enough money to invest in 1 "cell phone" to sms all the customers la.. really disappointed la.

I am still not very sure what is the difference between Flight Delay and Flight Retime.

Monday, September 14, 2009

It's a.....

Hahaha.... BOY....

Saw his heart beat today and I am very excited. According to doctor he is growing well. now he is about 12cm tall. Just pray that he will continue to grow healthily and be a strong boy..

I'll get him a nice Liverpool Jersey when he come out... hahaha....

Saturday, September 12, 2009

What is your NAME?

I have a name.. you also have a name.. have u ever wonder where our name came from?

For the pass few days i got some problem trying to figure out what kind of name to give to my baby. at the moment i still do not know my baby is a BOY or a GIRL. I think so hard until i cant really sleep at night la.. hehe.. i m not sure if that is what every parents have to face or just me? jia lat..

I think naming a child is very important. especially people like me with a very unique surname "PUI". Do not get me wrong ok? I m damn proud of my surname because there is not many people out there with this kind of unique family name. When i was young, people always like to make fun of my surname. (U know who u are.. yes!! i am talking about you.. but i forgive you.. hehe..) With that unique Surname, i need to make sure that the name that i am about to give to my baby will flow just right and also sound right. If not.. my baby will suffer in this cruel world!! I've been through that and i know.. hehe.. (Thank God that my name is great.. Gabriel Pui.. yeah~)

this is not finalize, but Me and my wife kind of narrow the name down to this. If the baby is a BOY, then the name will start with 'G'. If the baby is a GIRL, then the name will start with 'K'. there are dunno how many million names out there. to simply pick 1 is really hard. if you only have 2 to choose it's a lot easier rite?

i came across this site BabyNames. there are dunno how many millions of names in there. they have meanings and also the origin of the name. It's kind of helpful for me. some name also very cool. (you can try to check out if you are looking for a name for yourself or your baby..)

At the moment, i still cant think of any names for my baby. i still have 5 more months to go. So i should have plenty of sleepless night to think of a name for my baby.. hehe..

Let me introduce my baby to you...

Baby PUI!! (7.73cm tall already..)

The other day when we went for ultra scan, it's so amazing to see this.. I do not know how to describe my feeling. Esp when the baby "kick".. i saw my baby move for the 1st time.. i am just so so so AMAZED! Praise The Lord!! I have never had that feeling before in my whole life.. I wish i can go see my baby grow every day. but to see 1 time is not cheap la.. RM90 for the photo above!! If see everyday i'll be broke after end of 9 months.. hehe...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Short Talk

Oh man... i cant believe there is not even ONE post for the month of September!!! Walauler.. Pai seh...

i have been really busy with new work schedule.. traveling schedule.. pregnant wife.. naughty black sausage dog.. finding my own time..

I hope i can keep this blog alive la.. hehe... i will do my best!!
Gam Ba Teh!!!!

1 Malaysia


Until today i am still wondering what is this 1 Malaysia all about. I think i understand Wawasan 2020 better than this 1 Malaysia. Ok.. I know this is not the latest news.. but i cant stop thinking about this 1 Malaysia thing la..

Things that come to mind after i heard the 1 Malaysia is...

1. Since when there is another Malaysia in this planet earth?
2. Aren't we already 1? Merdeka long time ago liaw..
3. Sabah and Sarawak still not with Malaysia meh? (if yes then will be great la.. yeah~~)
4. What is that fell trying to say here? are we part of Mongolia? (hehe..)
5. May be he is under pressure la.. so simply taruh 1 statement to make headline..

I still do not buy this 1 Malaysia thing la. I do not know about you. But i think this is F.O.C! (C=Crap) i am not trying to be politician here. i just want to point out my view la. for my understanding. there can never be 1 Malaysia. There is never one. i am a Malaysian. Born in Hospital Umum Kapit Sarawak. I am proud to be a Malaysian. I am more proud to be a Sarawakian. But when i begin to see and read and understand more thing. I am actually not a Malaysian. this is because i am a CHINESE. btw.. i am also proud to be a CHINESE! I am just a "malaysian" with a Malaysia I.C..

I do not have any benefits as compare to the rest of the tribes. i need to pay my own university fees. Everything i want, i have to pay using my own hands and sweat and tears. no help from Government. (But I got help from God la.. hehe.. ) When can i be BUMI? i am always a Non-Bumi.. can my kids be BUMI next time? What do i have to do to be a BUMI of Malaysia? i'm born here, bath in Rajang River, drink from the same water supply, eat from the same forest, play on the same mud, climb the same tree, etc. Why so different? is it my eyes a bit more sepet? then i cant be a BUMI? or is is because i have a Chinese Name?

I think this 1 Malaysia will never come true. if BUMI and Non-Bumi still exist! So my fellow friends, i just want to say we are all doing a good job in learning how to be less depended on the system. but we walk our own way and make thing happen with our own hands. (for me of course with the help of God la..)

SO... We continue to stay proud of who we are. We continue to lift our head high for NO ONE can tell us that we are second grade or second class. at times we may feel like one, people may treat us like one, but do not fear... For we know that we are the fighters! the Survivals! We are the Winners!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I got into an ACCIDENT today!!!

I was on my way back home and i got involve in an accident. 1 victim dead. sigh~~~

I was driving quite fast and it was raining. thinking that i just got myself brand new tyres and also just replaced a new set of brakes, i should be fine. who knows out of a sudden there is 1 group of "people" having lunch in the middle of the road during their lunch break. when i tried to jam my brake, it was too late. i hit one of them and die on the spot. he flew up quite high and landed on my windscreen and fell in front of my car's bonnet.

i am so sorry.. i feel so sad.. i am not sure if the family members will be waiting for him to go back for dinner or not tonight. or may be the children will be waiting for the father to come home. i am sorry.. please forgive me..

hope he rest in peace..

OUCH!! Still got lunch in his mouth..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Footprints In The Sand

One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord.
Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.
In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand.
Sometimes there were two sets of footprints,
other times there were one set of footprints.

That bothered me because I noticed
that during the low periods of my life,
when i was suffering from anguish, sorrow or defeat,
I could see only one set of footprints.

So I said to the Lord,
"You promised me Lord, that if I followed You,
You would walk wit me always.
But I have noticed that during the most trying periods of my life
there have only been one set of footprints in the sand.
Why, when I needed You most, You have not been there for me?"

The Lord replied,
"The times when you have been only one set of footprints in the sand,
is when I carried you."

~Mary Stevenson~

Amazing story.. Ever since I heard this story, I just fell in love with this story. I read this many many times but still it's a total new encounter when I read this same story at different time in my llife. We are always blinded by our self-centeredness. everything we do, everything we say is always about us and we always think for ourself only.

The last part when God replied it's like a big slap in the face with love. I guess we are not so great after all. I need you Lord in my life! Thank you so much..

Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Free" Weekend!!

I just got back from PJ. After 1 week of equipment training. This training is really very draining. morning need to focus on the training and also remember all the equipment parts. then at night need to bring the customer go drink until late.. then next day wake up early again for the whole 1 week.. walauler.. jia lat man.. After coming back, Home is still the best place to be. I am sure many of you will agree with me on this! yeah~~

This weekend, my wife and her girl friends are going to some resort for a girls night out thingy la.. 2days 1 night.. wow...

Meaning to say... I will be...

So i am FREE!!! hahahaha... (she is going to kill me when she read this!)
Free... free.. free... Let me think now... what should i do?? hmmm....

1) play my PS2!! all day long!!! hahaha..
2) sleep anytime i want
3) surf internet
4) Watch Horror DVD...
5) play with Gucci...
6) relax to some nice music...
7) go out clubbing??
8) may be go fishing..
9) update my blog..
10) Kuching Festival???

let's see.. but i just have to make sure i spend my time wisely.. it's a precious weekend for me.. haha...

all the above is what i felt this morning...

after she left.. now i kind of miss her liaw. because we have not been spending much time recently due to my hectic travelling schedule. and i am not sure when i will b heading out again. sigh~~ i hope she have a good break with the other girls la.. i just have to find my own entertainment to kill this lonely weekend la.. and hope that i will be around in kuching next week..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Ultimate Beef Noodle @ Sibu

Sibu... the land of Swan.. but i do not see any Swan there la.. may be just the sculpture la.. hehe.. To be very honest, there is really nothing much to tell u about Sibu, what i can say is, cheap, huge portion, so-so taste food. every shop I see people selling Kam Pua... Kam Pua... and Kam Pua.. and also a lot of LOUD Speaker Foo Chow people.. (when i say LOUD, I mean LOUD!!) so over all Sibu is a very noisy place! seems like there is no secret there la.. when they speak, people on the other side of the road can also hear.. hahaha... they also don't really need handphone la.. hehe..

I was there last week to service an equipment in Gribbles Lab and the lab people introduce me to this place called Ah Ho Kopi Tiam. they say the beef noodle is very nice. So, i decided to give that a try since i had too much Kam Pua already. hehe..

To my surprise.... the beef noodle is... is... is...


Ah Ho Kopi Tiam is just opposite SanYan Mall. If not mistaken, that is the ONLY mall in Sibu!! So you will not missed that! SanYan Mall is something like our Tun Jugah or HockLee Centre in Kuching. But you can find a lot of DVD in there... hehe..

Map that will bring you to the treasure...

Very easy to find.. Orange Roof and Green blind...
Right Opposite SanYan Mall

The name of the shop may be called Ah Ho Kopi Tiam, but the people who cook the noodle is MALAY!! Dun be racist, their food is very nice too.. Must TRY!! MUST!!

This is what I am talking about!!!!

Oh!!! Yummy...

A closer view.. Yum yum..
** OI!! Watch out.. ur face is too near the screen liaw...!!! **

This post is really very difficult to write la.. by looking at the picture make me wanna have another 2 bowls la.. hahaha... It's really really nice....

The Price List.. not too expensive also..

If you happen to drop by Sibu, you just have to stop by and take a bowl or may be 2... Then only you will know what i am talking about here... hahaha..

*Oh man... i'm feeling hungry already... :P