Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Ultimate Beef Noodle @ Sibu

Sibu... the land of Swan.. but i do not see any Swan there la.. may be just the sculpture la.. hehe.. To be very honest, there is really nothing much to tell u about Sibu, what i can say is, cheap, huge portion, so-so taste food. every shop I see people selling Kam Pua... Kam Pua... and Kam Pua.. and also a lot of LOUD Speaker Foo Chow people.. (when i say LOUD, I mean LOUD!!) so over all Sibu is a very noisy place! seems like there is no secret there la.. when they speak, people on the other side of the road can also hear.. hahaha... they also don't really need handphone la.. hehe..

I was there last week to service an equipment in Gribbles Lab and the lab people introduce me to this place called Ah Ho Kopi Tiam. they say the beef noodle is very nice. So, i decided to give that a try since i had too much Kam Pua already. hehe..

To my surprise.... the beef noodle is... is... is...


Ah Ho Kopi Tiam is just opposite SanYan Mall. If not mistaken, that is the ONLY mall in Sibu!! So you will not missed that! SanYan Mall is something like our Tun Jugah or HockLee Centre in Kuching. But you can find a lot of DVD in there... hehe..

Map that will bring you to the treasure...

Very easy to find.. Orange Roof and Green blind...
Right Opposite SanYan Mall

The name of the shop may be called Ah Ho Kopi Tiam, but the people who cook the noodle is MALAY!! Dun be racist, their food is very nice too.. Must TRY!! MUST!!

This is what I am talking about!!!!

Oh!!! Yummy...

A closer view.. Yum yum..
** OI!! Watch out.. ur face is too near the screen liaw...!!! **

This post is really very difficult to write la.. by looking at the picture make me wanna have another 2 bowls la.. hahaha... It's really really nice....

The Price List.. not too expensive also..

If you happen to drop by Sibu, you just have to stop by and take a bowl or may be 2... Then only you will know what i am talking about here... hahaha..

*Oh man... i'm feeling hungry already... :P

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