Thursday, July 9, 2009

Talk Short Short not "Sot-Sot"

I am now in the office waiting for my boss to come. He will be here at 330pm. i will be going to pick him up from the airport. Tonight will be going out for dinner at CourtYard. Never try the food there before. dunno nice or not la.

i remember last time i went there, the place is kind of ah beng. (Ah Beng.. i am not talking about you ok? i am taking about ah beng.. the ah lian's ah beng.. hehe..) the music the played is very "beng", the crowd there also very "beng". hahaha.. i think may be tonight i need to wear more "beng" so i can fit in that place easily la.. can not wear to "shak".. later the "beng" gang will not be happy to see a "shak" gang member there.. "beng" and "shak" are like the greatest rivary in EPL..

"beng" - ManU..
"shak" - LIVERPOOL!!!

well, dun really care la.. since it's going to be another free dinner la. hehe.. just have to go there and enjoy la.

p/s: all the ManU fans... i am not looking for a fight ok? hehehe... Cheers!!


  1. when talk about shak, you should look for ah shen....

  2. hahaha...
    i am not sure he got read my blog or not la..
    but i had him in mind.. when i talk about "shak"!