Saturday, July 4, 2009

Liverpool Legend wearing Devil's Jersey

I cannot believe what i am seeing this morning when i turn on the Internet. Liverpool Legend, the Wonder Boy, Michael Owen is in devil's suit! Oh My Goat!!!

No doubt!! He is one of my favourite Liverpool player. When he was still in the mighty red's jersey, every time when some one passed the ball to him, that very moment will really get me off the chair because the ball is going to be behind the net soon.. I just want to get up and have a closer look at how he is going to score..


He looks good in Carlsberg..

The feeling is really very difficult to express in words la.. Amazing! It's something like watching Torres right now. Superb!

Fernando Torres!!!!! The new ERA has just begin!!

ManU and Liverpool has got a very very very long history. i can say mostly bitter la. Greatest rivalry in England! hehe.. but that's what make both teams become stronger and stronger..

Now seeing one of my favourite player in the devil's jersey, this really break my heart. It's like seeing Stevie G in devil's jersey! (how can?? i do not want to imagine that! That day will never come also!)

Stevie G!! You will never Walk ALONE!! Great Captain~~

How to cheer for him from now on? last time in Real still ok! in New Castle also ok.. but now.. i do not think so anymore.. i will not cheer for him anymore.. Difficult la.. but if he scores a great goal, i will only acknowledge his skills. just like C.Ronaldo. He is good. but i will not cheer for him. (as a Real fan, i will give him chance la.. hehe.. he better play football and not hollywoodball.. if want to act, please go look for Paris Hilton, i'm sure she can help you pull some strings..)

Paris:"Hey.. Give me a call if you are planning to come to Hollywood okay!", "That's Hawt!"

This is the picture that gives me a real SHOCK!! He is already in the jersey holding the tuala.. aduh!! there is only 1 place for the devils... and that is where they belong... HELL!! I am very very sure there are many Liverpool/Owen's fans out there feeling disappointed with his move!

But what to do right? if i were to be in his position. i might do the same thing. in New Castle he is getting like £108,000-a-week. Suddenly the club got relegated to 1st division. In another word, he is loosing his job. with his current lifestyle, he really need to have income right away to support his family. Now in ManU he salary is around £30,000-a-week. That is a really big reduction! But he will get extra if he were to score for ManU and also play for ManU.

What I can say now is "All the Best Owen! and it hurts to see you in that jersey!"

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  1. You should just let go after so many years... hehe... Me also not sure if this is the correct deal or not. But definitely a grand sale deal!