Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tribute to Michael Jackson (1958 - 2009.06.25)

I am not the biggest fan of Michael Jackson. But i know he is a real legend! R.E.S.P.E.C.T!! To be very honest with you, not many people can be like him today. He is really a World known Artist! Anywhere you, you can ask around i am 101% confident and sure that people recognize him. Justin Timberlake, Brittney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna, Paris Hilton, Lima Puluh Sen, etc.. all need to take their number and wait in line for their Queue la.. (wait long long la...) you know what. when MJ is famous, there is no this thing called Internet!! and yet he can be known around the world. with internet, those artists also cannot beat him la.. That's what i called a LEGEND!

He not only rock the whole world with his music, but he also make a very very big impact in the movie industies with his super hit "Thriller" MV. The best part is still his self-invented Dance move.. the MoonWalk.. yeah~ (i've got a friend tried to do this move during a bachelor party and he fell faced down and busted his own lips! hahaha... dunno if he got read my blog or not la.. haha! peace man! peace!!) Lastly, he is also very well known in his make-over aka plastic surgery. black to white.. who can miss that? who else have done that?

Black to White.. How??

I went google some of his pictures. just want to share this will you all.

He started off as a very talented, young black boy!

Still black.. hehe.. quite good looking also..

Turn into a fine looking young man..

Thriller Album..

Some clips from the thriller MV..

The dance move is really top class. Link

So famous until people in India also wanna follow him.. check out the clip below.. yeah~~ hehe..

Classic la this 1.. hehe... Link

Not only Indian la.. Stephen Chow also wanna have some fun with this dance move.. yeah..

This is one of my favourite Movie. ShaoLin Soccer.. Link

I think his career peak will have to be his DANGEROUS World Tour!!

I think only He can wear like that la.. Copy Superman?

Wow... What an explosion!!

The "Jiu Phai" dance move... plus the sound effect.. "Aaaw!!" , "Heee.. Hee..", "Ssssssp.. Ah!"


"Ssssp.. Ah!"


"Heee... Hee!!"

Other great moments that i will never forget! Great performances...

Michael with Slash?? Who can think of that??

Heal the world...

This is his drawing... His cry deep inside his heart..

Other works by fans....

It's Black.. It's White.. It doesn't really matter.. Yeah yeah yeah..
You are the best.. still the KING OF POP that stays in our heart!!

Good Bye....


  1. and also remember the prisoners in Philipine doing the thriller dance....

  2. Thanks for the comment..
    ya.. i just saw the Philippine inmates doing d thriller dance.. cool la..
    the "lady" acted so well la..