Saturday, June 13, 2009

Internet Access!!

It's been a while since i update my own blog. i have been busy with new work and also traveling. recently i found out 1 thing. after some intense traveling schedule. you may ask me how come i do not update my blog when i was in the hotel during night time? Ok.. this is the deal..

in good hotel like Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton, Four Seasons... all need to pay for internet access. of course i dun stay in that kind of hotel during my traveling time la.. hahaha... i am just trying to give you some idea. the charges is very interesting. the hotel i stay in PJ is called Armarda Hotel. for internet access i have to pay RM20 for 2 hours. for 24 hours the charges is RM40. What kind of deal is that? there is no internet access in the lobby as well.. if i wanna use the access there, i also need to pay ythe same rate.. KaNaSai!

i do not know why they need to charge so expensive for that. now we can easily get internet access everywhere la.. Backpackers and also the cheap motel all are equipt with WiFi service. KFC now also got WiFi la.. even the old old kopitiam in Kuching where normally the ah pek society will hang out also got WiFi service la. (of course i do not see any ah pek surfing net in kopitiam la! hahaha..)

hmmm.. How to turn on this machine??

come on la.. i seriously do not understand la.. all the hotels are all super start rated 1.. is not like 1 night stay in the hotel is cheap or something la.. if u were to compare with 1 cup of KOPI 'O' KAU...

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