Saturday, May 30, 2009

Paris Hilton's Friends

On the 1st of May, a few of us make a trip to visit Paris Hilton's Hotel in Batang Ai. It's about 4 hours drive from town. after breakfast we begin our journey..

It was a wonderful day, the weather was amazing.. suddenly Sam slow down the car and there was Traffic Jam?!?! in my mind i was like.. "May be people is heading back to their home town for a break... so Normal lah!"

Since the car is not moving.. why dun we have a break... Have a Kit-Kat!!! haha... (Lame..) then me and my wife begin to do advertisement in the car to entertain our self..

ermm.. i think should open the plastic only can eat la.. (blooper..)

I couldnt remember how long we waited, but quite long la.. then the traffic begin to move and to our surprise how come got fire engine there.. they also wanna go for holiday?? Actually the Traffic Jam was caused by an Accident. It's quite a bad 1 involving a Proton WIRA and Hilux.. I think Proton Won la.. because the Hilux was in the drain.. I hope the drivers or passengers are fine la.. check this out...


Hilux was in the drain.. (left)

I wanna give a Thumb's Up to all the emergency crew!! they did a great job.. working on a Labour Day!!

The holiday trip is back on.. Happy Sam...
(Drive carefully la.. no wonder got accident la..)

Along the way we saw a funny sign... not sure what is the real meaning.. hmm... can you please tell me?
AWAS = Danger!! Is it...
a) Watch out for Gigantic Bra ahead?
b) Watch out for Woman lying on the floor?
c) Watch out for "My hump - B.E.P"
d) All the above

Erm... i cant remember what happen after that.. i think i fell asleep.. hehe... when i opened my eyes.. i saw this liaw..

Sri Aman!! (Peaceful town..)

Clement told me there is a famous Satay Mee.. so we took a detour there to find food.. unfortunately the shop is CLOSED!!!!!!! then we need to have lunch in KFC.. to my surprise the chicken in Sri Aman is so less oily compare to the chicken in Kuching.. may be they used free range chicken.. hmm...

Anyway.. after 4 long hours drive.. Finally.. the DAMN!!! ops... dam!!

Batang Ai Dam!

Sam took pic for me and my wife.. and i took pic for him and Yunita... below are the results...

Me and my wife..

Sam and Yunita..

I think my photography skill is getting better la.. haha.. see below examples la.. my F.O.C Modol...

Oakley Modol... haha..

While waiting for the boat.. i continue my PhotoGraphy session la.. please take sometime and look at my work of Art ya.. hehehe...

Walk on Water??
(wake up la friend... u think u Jesus meh?)
Sam EMO Shot..

Another wide angle shot..

Finally the boat has arrived after 1 hour of waiting!!! yeah~~ YAY!!! Yippie....

This is so hamsem la...

My new little friend..

with the boat there.. we waited for another 2 hours.. according to the boat man there is a bunch of foreign Visitors on their way to the resort too... KNS!!! what is this man... why do we have to wait for them? is it because they are from overseas? by then we were all drained and tired.. whole day waiting.. we were so PISSED!! and also so so so so speechless la.. my camera also low batt liaw.. and mosquito started to attack us at the Jetty...

See the gals.. smile also fake liaw..

When we arrived at Batang Ai Hilton, we were so angry that we ran straight to the front desk and started to scream at them and asking them how can they make us wait for other people for 2 hours.. instead they could have bring us over 1st and make another trip for the foreigners.. we also told them that we knew their owner... (Paris Hilton.. haha..) then they gave us compliment dinner for 4 persons.. that didnt really calmed us down.. but after we checked into the hotel and took a shower.. everything just back to normal and that's when we realized that our holiday just began!!

~End of Day 1~

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