Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Job, New company, New Beginning

This will be very short update about my new job. It is a very special moment in my life. coming out from an almost jobless situation to finding another new job. That feeling is really unspeakable joy.

this new company is called Roche Diagnostics. I started this new job on the 4th May 2009. The main instrument that this company produce is to do blood test and also urine test or any kind of fluid that u can find in a human body.

this new job is very interesting. i came from totally different working environment. i was with manufacturing line for the pass 5 years. and now i am working with medical line. Basically i am new to this new field. the terms they use is also very medical. i am from engineering background. the last time that i touch anything regarding biology subject is back in 1998. more than 10 years ago... D@mn~ hahaha...

but i am coping well and still learning. it's gonna be a very interesting journey for me. life is all about learning right?? i guess this is no different from my previous job. i am going to give my best shot and see how far i can go.. yeah~~

Gam Ba Teh!!!!!


  1. GAB GAMBATEH!!!!!!!!OSH! OSH! OSH!p(^o^)q

  2. yeah~~
    need to work hard la..
    have been hanging around doing nohing for too long...
    since December last year...