Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Short Trip to Keningau..

I have not been to Keningau before until Yesterday. I got a call from my boss asking me to go over to Keningau to help to fix a problem.

So on Monday morning i woke up early and ask my wife to drop me at Kuching International Airport at 8am. My flight was 9am. then arrived at Kota Kinabalu International Airport at around 1030am. Then i went to the taxi booth to take a cab to Keningau. which is about 2 hours away from KK. guess what? the fare to Keningau from KK cost me RM 200!!!

Yes! RM200!!!!!!! this more expensive than my air ticket la. This Keningau place is even further than for me to fly from Kuching to KK.

So ok la.. i got into the cab and start the journey la.. the road is something like the road going to Cameron Highland. very very challenging and the Happy RM200 Taxi Driver is very skilled and manage to bring me to Keningau Hospital at 1pm. total journey from Kuching to Keningau is 5hours!! Walauler...

So i went to the lab and look for the person in charge of the Lab. unfortunately everyone went out for lunch and the whole Lab is Empty. Kosong! not even a mosquito in there.. so i waited for my "customer" to return la.. finally then appear at 2pm. great!! finally can start to look and listen to what is the problem. When they saw me standing there with my luggage, u can tell as if they see "god" la.. since they see "god" in me, i just pretend to be "god" la.. hahaha... i guess that is a good sign right? they treat me like "god" of that equipment. Wow...

Guess what?? it took me 30min to fix the problem and the "customer" is even more so so happy. i am even more "god" now! hahaha.... but bare in mind i am only 3 weeks old with this new company. hahaha.. i guess i am lucky la.. able to fix heir problem and also give them a good impression.

the lab assistant offer to give me a lift to the nearest bus station to catch a bus back to KK. i am so happy la. i only know them for like 1 hour. then they treat me so nice. i am so touched la. when i reached the bus station, there is one bus there waiting to depart. i arrived and 345pm and the bus is leaving at 4pm. Amazing!! Praise The Lord!! hahaha.. can go back to KK right away! there is nothing much in Keningau also la. just a very small town like Sri Aman.

To my great surprise, the bus fare is only RM13 back to KK!!!!!!!!!!
I was like "WHAT?!?!?!" i can even pay the bus RM30 for a trip back!! as compare to my RM200 Taxi fare.. the journey back to KK is 2.5hours. I arrived KK around 630pm. my dad took me from the bus station.

Oh ya... there is one thing i forgot to say.. I only had Breakfast early in the morning with my wife. then i do not have time for lunch since i was in "god" mode.. haha.. by the time i arrived in KK i was like so so super hungry. and my dad brought me for the famous Kota Kinabalu Seafood Dinner!!!


There is no word to describe that feeling but... "oh Yeah~~~~"

What a wonderful experience..


  1. did the bus stop by "Gunung Emas"? u can see monkeys there.....^^

  2. no la...
    i did not.. it was a business trip. so tak ada la..
    may be next time i will trry to go to the Golden Mountain to find the Monyet!!
    u bring me la ok?

  3. Frankly, I will 晕车when I go Keningau (Keningau is my dad's hometown...haha). But I think if i drive won't 晕车gua....haha..okok, i gonna ask my dad how to drive there....in case i get lost in the middle of the gunung...LOL~
    Ok, bring u there and let the monkey grab ur food, climb on your hair =P kacau u!