Saturday, June 26, 2010


i love music. i grew up listening to music. this is really part of my life and i am going share some of the songs with you. it's going to be a series of music feast. hope you enjoy..

i am just very amazed by the power of songs. they seems to be able to bring me back in time.. bring back the memories.. and it's just so powerful..

i am not sure how to start this but.. this very 1st song just bring my back to my small little cosy home town called Kapit.

my older cousin bought this album and i was there listen to this song with my cousin. at that time this is a very very HIT song. and i can sing along with the late singer because my voice was still like kids.. haha.. but not now.. will crack my vocal and die.. hahaha..

i remember we were sitting beside this huge black Sony radio (if i'm not wrong la) under the staircase and singing and shouting like nobody cares.. haha..

oh ya.. for those not my generation.. we use this thing called cassette to play the music ok.. not mp3 or CD or iPod... no download.. everything is original! haha..

here are some pictures la.. just in case u never seen 1 before.. haha..

Have a nice day!

P/S: Dear Lord.. please give me time and strength to finish this series of Songs blog.. Amen..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Short Talk

I'm currently sitting in the Hotel room alone. very quiet. very boring. looking at facebook.

Suddenly just felt very empty..

need to take this time to really think about my life again at the age of 30.

life is short. i really need to make full use of this life. and i can only live once!

Friday, June 18, 2010

V-Power Ron97??

This morning i went to Shell to feed my car.. Suddenly i saw this very big sign written V-Power!! I was like! Wow.. cool... finally Sarawak also got V-power.. normally only available in Semenanjung..

I was so excited.. i quickly turn my car and to check out!! to my biggest shock!! it's written.. V-Power Ron-97!!!!! i was like What the.....!!! sounds like another big SCAM!!!!

Last time it's known as Unleaded aka Super... later change to Ron-97... i guess we all remember very clear what happen after the name change right? Price increased!! from 1.80 to 2.05!!!

Regular become Ron-95... same thing.. Price increased!!


Now guess what??? Ron-97 become V-Power Ron-97!!!

Ron-95 become Unleaded Ron-95...

Mark my word... Petrol Price is going to increase again!!!!! Very SOON!!!!!

This is really BAD.. BAD...

In the mind of our Kerajaan:
Rakyat Satu Malaysia Yang Bodoh... Kerajaan akan naik harga minyak sekali lagi.. using the same method tukar name saje!! Senang je!! last time no 1 complain right? we can do the same thing this time.. they will not know... We kerajaan so smart!!

For all u know.. next time.. they will change the name of Proton Savvy to Proton Perdana and sell Savvy for the Price of Perdana.. Rakyat Satu Malaysia Yang Bodoh tidak akan tahu!!!

i was talking to my wife the other day... how do we know if we are using Ron-97 or Ron-95? for all u know.. there is only 1 big tank under the pump...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My 1st Outdoor Shot!

I went out for some shooting yesterday. went to my wife's office to pick her back from work and while waiting for her to come down. i just took some random shot at the surrounding la. i am quite amazed by the power of D90. i am still very new to Digital Photography. need to explore more.. hopefully got more time to go around Kuching to take some cool pictures..

if you got nothing better to do.. try to guess where are those places la.. haha... should not be very difficult to guess la..

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Got my new toy!!!!

Finally i got my new toy!! Nikon D90... it's really an awesome camera.. wow.. am really loving it!! No regret la! really.. worth all my time researching and reading.. GREAT!!!

here are just some photos to share.. I still need to practice more to get a better feel.. need to practice more to get to know the camera more also.. now still not familiar yet.. need to feel her more.. then i believe she will do wonders.. haha.. give me some time and i will improve..

this can consider my baseline la.. hahaha... next time compare should be able to see improvement. yeah~~

p/s: I am just wondering if got time to go out and do some outdoor shooting? hehe.. not sure if my wife is reading this... :p

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some Short Clips

Choose Windows! hahaha...

The power of love..


Life & Music

Think again.. is that what we really want?

Last 1.. My Favourite.. God is watching all the time.. hehe

P/s: Just some clips that i found interesting to share.. have a nice day!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Perfect 10 in 2010

This is just so amazing for me!
Ha! Ha! Ha!
哈! 哈! 哈!

Nope! i'm not going for holiday..

Nope! Not my 10th Birthday..

Nope! Nothing to do with Banking..

Nope!! Not moving house also..

Nope! Not learning how to write in mandarin too..

Nope! Not going to play Basketball with him..

Nope! He is not even in the latest England Squad!!

Nope!! but I like this guy Sakuragi!!

I went to Parkson yesterday with my wife to walk around since it's public holiday is Sarawak. we bought the best equipment ever!! then we went home..

After stepping on to that equipment... i found out that i lost....................


All thanks to Isaac Pui!! Daddy loves you so much...

Hope that i can maintain at this weight la..


The Perfect 10!!!

p/s: may be i should be the one winning the Biggest Loser la.. hahaha.. just kidding la..