Thursday, June 3, 2010

Perfect 10 in 2010

This is just so amazing for me!
Ha! Ha! Ha!
哈! 哈! 哈!

Nope! i'm not going for holiday..

Nope! Not my 10th Birthday..

Nope! Nothing to do with Banking..

Nope!! Not moving house also..

Nope! Not learning how to write in mandarin too..

Nope! Not going to play Basketball with him..

Nope! He is not even in the latest England Squad!!

Nope!! but I like this guy Sakuragi!!

I went to Parkson yesterday with my wife to walk around since it's public holiday is Sarawak. we bought the best equipment ever!! then we went home..

After stepping on to that equipment... i found out that i lost....................


All thanks to Isaac Pui!! Daddy loves you so much...

Hope that i can maintain at this weight la..


The Perfect 10!!!

p/s: may be i should be the one winning the Biggest Loser la.. hahaha.. just kidding la..

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