Friday, June 18, 2010

V-Power Ron97??

This morning i went to Shell to feed my car.. Suddenly i saw this very big sign written V-Power!! I was like! Wow.. cool... finally Sarawak also got V-power.. normally only available in Semenanjung..

I was so excited.. i quickly turn my car and to check out!! to my biggest shock!! it's written.. V-Power Ron-97!!!!! i was like What the.....!!! sounds like another big SCAM!!!!

Last time it's known as Unleaded aka Super... later change to Ron-97... i guess we all remember very clear what happen after the name change right? Price increased!! from 1.80 to 2.05!!!

Regular become Ron-95... same thing.. Price increased!!


Now guess what??? Ron-97 become V-Power Ron-97!!!

Ron-95 become Unleaded Ron-95...

Mark my word... Petrol Price is going to increase again!!!!! Very SOON!!!!!

This is really BAD.. BAD...

In the mind of our Kerajaan:
Rakyat Satu Malaysia Yang Bodoh... Kerajaan akan naik harga minyak sekali lagi.. using the same method tukar name saje!! Senang je!! last time no 1 complain right? we can do the same thing this time.. they will not know... We kerajaan so smart!!

For all u know.. next time.. they will change the name of Proton Savvy to Proton Perdana and sell Savvy for the Price of Perdana.. Rakyat Satu Malaysia Yang Bodoh tidak akan tahu!!!

i was talking to my wife the other day... how do we know if we are using Ron-97 or Ron-95? for all u know.. there is only 1 big tank under the pump...

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