Saturday, June 26, 2010


i love music. i grew up listening to music. this is really part of my life and i am going share some of the songs with you. it's going to be a series of music feast. hope you enjoy..

i am just very amazed by the power of songs. they seems to be able to bring me back in time.. bring back the memories.. and it's just so powerful..

i am not sure how to start this but.. this very 1st song just bring my back to my small little cosy home town called Kapit.

my older cousin bought this album and i was there listen to this song with my cousin. at that time this is a very very HIT song. and i can sing along with the late singer because my voice was still like kids.. haha.. but not now.. will crack my vocal and die.. hahaha..

i remember we were sitting beside this huge black Sony radio (if i'm not wrong la) under the staircase and singing and shouting like nobody cares.. haha..

oh ya.. for those not my generation.. we use this thing called cassette to play the music ok.. not mp3 or CD or iPod... no download.. everything is original! haha..

here are some pictures la.. just in case u never seen 1 before.. haha..

Have a nice day!

P/S: Dear Lord.. please give me time and strength to finish this series of Songs blog.. Amen..

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