Sunday, May 30, 2010

Brand new ME!

I have not cut my hair since January 2010. I thought keeping long hair will be easier to maintain. u know la.. taking care of baby is really taking up most of my time until i dun even have time to make my own hair. long hair i just have to comb left side, then comb right side.. then Kau Tim! haha.. but after 4 months.. my hair is like back to 1998 high school time.

my wife complain that i look very messy and also very old fashion! then i tried to improve my look.. haha.. Justin Bieber...

Hahaha.. i know.. i'm sorry.. i see myself also wanna puke!! that's why i decided to go for a hair cut. a friend ask me to perm! mayb look like Korea Movie Star?

Erm.. may be next time only la. i'm too busy taking care of my son. no time to entertain the other ladies la.. imagine i go out with that kind of look.. sure very busy 1 la.. haha.. and also i try not to break their heart la.. i'm married with 1 kid!! yeah~

This is my final look before the transformation!! On my way to the Salon!

After 1 hour of transformation.. and pay RM48 for a Cut and Rinse by a guy named Roger. I think it's quite expensive la.. for Cut and Rinse only. normally should be cut and wash la. but i'm quite happy with the result la.. this is how i look now.. i told him i wanted to have a hair cut that is clean and easy to maintain. i also show him a picture la.. hehe...

Please compare the hair only ok? i'm not trying to look like him..

I think quite OK la.. not too bad.. at least look cleaner and most importantly.. my wife like it!! yeah~~ not sure about my son.. he as usual la.. stare at me with a blank face!! haha..

Thanks to RM48 @ Toni&Guy Essensuals Salon

p/s: Should i go back? hmmm... Rm48 bo...


  1. i think it looks great! modern daddy.. haha

  2. so how long u need to set your hair each time before you go out? hehe.

  3. this morning i tried to set my own hair.. to my surprise.. it's actually quite simple la.. just have to simply grab the hair left and right. using the clay la.. that's all!