Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Toughest Job On Earth

This is quite a challenging topic for me. I am not sure about others. What do you think is the toughest job on earth? Is it your current job?

I am very excited when i found out that i am going to "naik pangkat" from a husband to a FATHER. My wife now is 2months plus pregnant. wow.. i seriously do not know how to express my joy and excitement in words la.. at the same time, i also do not know how to express my worries and also fear.. there are always 2 sides to a coin right? 

I know baby is a gift from God and i really thank God for that special gift. just that suddenly i am going to step into a very special position where i will be the leader of the house a.k.a HEAD of the house or HEAD of the family. not like last time, just me and my lovely wife. it's something much more than that already. now every word i say, everything action i do my junior will be watching me. i believe that parents will have the most influence on their children. if only me and my wife, i can still fool around and also act stupid at times. but now seems like all that will have to be put aside. i am not sure if i am over reacted or i have old fashion thinking la. i am also not saying that i am not allowed to have fun, but just that i need to have more "proper" fun la. for those who knew me, u will know sometimes i can get a bit out of control when too happy. hahaha... that's just me.. 

well, this is just my thought for now. i think i need to go find some good material to read and also find out a bit more about parenting la. please feel free to let me know or give me some advice or tips if you have experience in this area. All are welcome!! i know fathering a child it's not going to be easy. during last Father's day, my pastor salute all the fathers because according to him, Fathering is the toughest job on earth. I am a little bit frighten by that, but i think i need to go through it to find out myself if what he said is true la. please do not get me wrong ok? it's not that i do not believe what he said.. hehe..

My favourite saying "never try, never know!" I will continue to update my findings here. I believe this is another new chapter of my life and i am going to explore it. Yeah~~~



  1. congrats! it's just a few days ago tat kim told me u guys have the plan for a new member. when i got her sms last nite, i was really happy! u still have a few months to go for preparation. can ask ung ing for advice. haha.

  2. hehe... thanks very much!
    may be i should give ung ing a ring for more advice la..

    congratulation to u also.. heard ur big day is coming soon too.. happy for you la.. FINALLY! hahaha...