Monday, November 30, 2009

Shanghai Trip 2 - Food!!

I would like to share with you something from Shanghai.. i know u cant really taste. but here are some of the food that i ate in Shanghai.

This Pork is the so so so so goooood... ( ya.. i know it's fat.. But... it's gooood!)

Their vegetable all very "sui".. like all perfect 1..

Go to Shanghai you just gotta have some Steamboat la.. especially during winter..
It's soooooooooooooo COLD la..

"Ying-Yang" Steamboat.. some Chinese Medicine + Spicy Soup

I forgot what is this liaw.. some kind of noodle.. but very very hard to bite..

Tao Fu.. yumm yumm...

This is 1 big chuck of Fish ball.. D.I.Y

Oh Yeah~~ Meat Balls... Also known as "Lion Head"

Slurpp.. Imagine this boiled in the spicy soup..

How can you go Steamboat without a lady?? Introducing my new girl friend.. the Blue Girl...

According to my Shanghai Trainer, this is a very famous restaurant from Bei Jing.. Called..

Mixed Vegetable Cold Dish

China Style Of Pak-Ku..

This is so yummylicious.. haha.. Pork + Salted Egg York

Some local beans with mushroom..

Cucumber Pickle

I dunno what they call this.. But i will name it.. Bird Nest!! haha.. The nest is made from rice noodle and the meat inside is from the famous Peik King Duck Meat!!

The Si Fu showing off some skills..
Slicing the yummy thin and crispy duck skin..

Famous Peik King Duck!!!

Dessert Anyone?? You can have this.. hehe.. We were all too full to have any of the above..

If i were to upload all the food pictures here.. then people might think that this is a cooking recipe blog la.. hehe.. but those are the highlight in Shanghai..

There is a saying that my collegue from China told me.. In China, it's all about EAT.

OH YA!!!

Not forgetting 1 more very important Dish.. The Legendary "Drunken Master Crab"

The cheft just rip the crab from it's shell alive, with it's brain hanging around, then he just pour a cup of warm hard liquor over it.

No cook.
No additional flavor.
No extra color.
No photoshop also..

The Taste is Great.. You will not get the fishy smell from the crab.. I'm very amazed by that. But the texture of the crab is....... ermm... i can say very "geli"


  1. walau.... my saliva is flowing like what when I saw those... looks like u getting rounder too

  2. boy, ur company still hiring people? haha...