Sunday, November 1, 2009

This I Promise You - Ronan Keating

Suddenly this song came to me. A very special song for me. For those who went to my wedding in KK. I sang this special song to my wife during the dinner time. I am not sure if you will remember the song or even remember i actually sang a song for my wife!! hahaha... i believe everyone had a great time there.

This is not the number 1 Hit Song like others... but is the number 1 Song for us.. I do not have voice like Ronan Keating. But i sang with all my heart.. hehe..

Check it out!!


  1. yeah, you sung on the night..... when look at the title of the song, i think of the one by n'syn, is it n'syn?

  2. Yeah, the title reminds me of that N'Sync song of the same name, but it's not.