Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shanghai Trip 1

As promised, i will upload some of my pictures from Shanghai. So sorry for keeping you guys waiting. have been really busy after got back from Shanghai. SO many things to do.

I hope the following pictures will give you some idea of my trip there..

I stayed in the hotel called Howard Johnson. It cost me about RMB840/night. by right for that kind of price, it should b a very nice hotel. but after i got into the room, seems like the room is very small compare to Sofitel in Bangkok. But the 1 thing i love about the hotel is the shower Head. like shower in the rain la.. hehe..

I stayed on the 8th floor. The view from my room is so so only la.. nothing much to see..


now that i am back home, i begin to think that may b my out station life will begin to increase again with this new company. I am not sure yet. but i seriously hope that will not happen. Just before i got married, i traveled so much.. seriously i stayed in Hotel more than i stayed at home. the time I spend in the plane is more than my own car la.. for a bachelor that kind of life style is amazing. can go around many places and see many different thing, experience different culture and also meet new friends. the best part of that is all that it's paid for!! hahaha...

but after married, i felt that it's more difficult to fly so often and also i seems like more reluctant to move around. i also dunno why.. may b is the commitment and also differnt type of lifestyle after married. further more i am not sure how am i going to cope after the arrival of my baby.. we will see how that is going to change my life again la.. i have been getting a lot of advice from many people already. what i can say is..i will try my best and always give me best for my wife and son..

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