Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm Back!

So Sorry for not able to update anything for the pass few weeks. I was in China Shanghai for training. In China, they block everything. So i was kind of cut off from my normal connection. Really out of touch from the world..

Facebook... (X)
Youtube... (X)
Blogger... (X)
Gmail... (X)
Wordpress... (X)

I am not sure why they blocked. I tried to find another way to by pass the China Security system with some tunnel. But after reading some comment from a forum, they said in China if you get caught. they will put you to jail. imagine myself in China jail because of facebook?? Come on.. Who the hell need facebook right? hehe.. So after much thinking.. I think I can live without those site during my stay in China la. So it's better to play safe la..

Now I am back in Malaysia!! not home yet.. but on my way HOME.. i'm sitting in KLIA waiting for my connecting flight at 7pm. Hope there is no delay and i can go back home. Really miss home this trip.

I will try to share some interesting pictures and story with you about my Shanghai trip when i am more free in the coming week.. Stay TUNE!!

1 comment:

  1. i thought najib send you there since President Hu was invited to Bolehland the same time.

    Tomorrow Liverpool vs Man City, me and my friends are waiting Kop to kick those city boys' asses.