Saturday, October 24, 2009

Malaysia Airlines New Scam

Recently MAS has got a new idea to cheat all the passengers. Last Thursday when i was on my way to KK. My flight was 9am and the boarding time was 830am. I ask the counter if there is going to be any delay, they said NO! So that's very good.

I went into the waiting hall as usual. then at around 830am i went to the gate and hope can get on to the plane and rest. but when i get to the gate, suddenly there is an announcement saying the flight is delay to 940am. So i think 40min should b fine.

at 940am they announced and ask everyone to board the aircraft. so everyone just happily Q up and get to their seat. normally i will get into the flight and get comfortable and try to get some sleep. i closed my eyes and try to rest. after a while when i opened my eyes, to my surprise, i am still at the same location. no movement at all. then i looked at my watch, it's already 1015am. i was like "WTF?!?" 1030am only the flight started to move and the "safety show" begin..

See.. now if they announced the delay is until 1030am they might have to give all the passengers free meal. that is going to cost them money. By doing what they did to me, they save money and waste our time!! This is really not Professional at all. is not that i like to eat the free meal la.. just that please tell me the real flight time please. so i can plan my travelling schedule ahead..

i still wonder as a consumer or customer, is there anyway to lodge a complain for flight delay or retime? waiting in the airport is really not fun at all. This is really driving me crazy!!

How come MAS do not inform their customer about their flight delay or retime? Airasia is really doing a great job on this. I pay full price for all my MAS flights. and that is not cheap. and yet.. i do not get any sms from MAS which may only cost as low as 2cents?? sigh~~



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  2. Hi Gabriel,

    We noticed your blog whilst conducting our daily monitoring. Please allow me to provide some clarification on the matter.

    Firstly, we apologise for your delay. If the flight was retimed as part of our flight operations planning, passengers would have been informed either by a phone call or SMS, if the passenger provided us with his/ her mobile number. If not, we will inform the travel agent who booked the ticket to convey the message to the customer.

    However, under unavoidable circumstances (such as yours), last minute delays do occur due to technical reasons, or awaiting late or connecting passengers. Furthermore, boarding passengers 45 minutes prior to flight departure is our common procedure, as to not delay the flight further by boarding customers last minute.

    In shedding some light on how we manage flight retiming and delays, we hope that you will see that MAS adheres to strict procedures. Customers' experience and satisfaction has been and always is our utmost priority.

    Thank you,
    Pauline Chang,
    Customer Relations

  3. boy, maybe you will be getting first class seat for your next fly :)