Thursday, October 15, 2009

May Be It's Time To Change??

Yesterday morning me and my wife went out for breakfast just like every other day. nothing different. may be the weather a bit nicer la.. no rain and not too hot also.. but when i started my car engine, the sound a bit different.

"Kik-Kik! Vroooooooooommmmm...."

"Kik........Kik........Kik! Vroooooooooommmm...." (........ means silence)

So I thought may be i travel too much until the car battery also weak.. need to charge abit la.. so after breakfast i took my car for a ride. i drove all the way to Bako! yeah~~~ BAKO!! road damn straight and also not many car there.. so u know what i can do la.. hehehe...

when i arrived at that straight road, i turn off the aircon because this will "jiak tien", wind down the windows abit.. turn off the radio then I just "chiong" to my red stallion's limit la.. hehe... so long i din bring my red stallion go for a spin liaw.. i seriously cant remember the last time we went out for a secret date without my wife liaw.. so long that after chiong for a while my palm started to sweat la.. hehe.. but it's good for my heart once in a while.. hahaha...

P/S: Please do not try this at home or any other place!! Because only Highly trained Professional Driver like me can do that.. hehe..

after if i'm not mistaken about 4 laps, i slow down and park my car by the road side to call one of my customer.. telling him that i will be late.. (hehe.. this is what everyone must learn ok? do not use handphone while driving...) during the phone call i do not know why my hand so itchy go and turn off the car's engine.

Guess what? my red Stallion refuse to wake up liaw.. i am some where near Kampung Gobielt.. that is where i normally go fishing la.. but it's very far from town. suddenly i think of my "car pusher".. too bad during that day he is not around.. He is in Miri.. where is he when u need him the most!! hahaha... (Sam is my car pusher.. last time my car died also he help me to push!!)

Well like i said.. there is not many cars around that area.. so no 1 really will stop down and help me push my car la.. so i have no choice but to call the mechanic to come and have a look at my car.. really pai se la.. i'm so far from town la..

While waiting.. i just took some pictures of my fainted Red Stallion.. Wonder how much she will worth today la.. still looking great rite?? hehe... no photoshop 1 ok??

after the mechanic replace a brand new battery, she is up and kicking again!! i scared she suddenly merajuk again, so i drove her to the workshop for service la.. Total cost me RM210.

Guys.. make sure u treat ur girl.. i mean car right ok? if she merajuk, i tell u.. it's gonna cost the same amount as ur girl friend ok? life is not easy for guys la..

Hmmmm.... suddenly my smart brain come out with this theory..

"If car is equal to girl friend... the girl friend is also a Liability!!"

Hahaha.... have a nice week ahead la!! Cheers..

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