Thursday, October 8, 2009

What is the difference??

For my this new job, i get to travel a lot. This is really good and bad thing for me la.. I really love to travel. I like to see many different thing and also experience different thing. SO far, now i have almost cover the whole Sabah only Sandakan left. Yeah~~ I think a Sabahan also do not dare to say that la.. hehe.. Sarawak will be the next la.. since i am based in Kuching and take care of the whole Sarawak Hospitals. And not forgetting Brunei and Labuan..

But now that i am married, i still love to travel just that travelling alone and leave her alone back home just do not feel so right for me. How i wish my wife can follow me around and also share n experience the same thing that i encounter. But this is not possible la with her current job position and also she is pregnant.. (make me more difficult.. leaving both mummy and baby behind..)

Now i go to airport more than i go to eat Kam Pua la. Sigh~ But the good thing is i get to fly with Malaysia Airlines. At the beginning, i thought MAS should be great la. More space, no need to fight with other people for seat, got food to eat, more relaxing, not much delay.... BUT!!!! all that is not true.. sigh~~ Mayb the fighting for seat part only la..

I have encounter many many time flight delay by MAS. They normally do not give me any reason why the flight is delayed. I asked them what happen? they just say technical problem. Weather is bad (outside is a sunny day).. I also blur la.. But the funny thing is.. MAS they do not use the word Delay.. They say RETIME!!

Can someone please tell me what is the different? I am wondering if i can ask for compensation for my time loss. Time wasted waiting in Airport.. If we all agree that Time = Money. So my time wasted in airport, they should compensate me with something la.. sigh~~ I am really mad have to wait in the airport alone for HOURS~~ waiting for my flight..

They should improve their system la. Al least AirAsia will sms u and tell u ahead of time that the flight is retimed or cancelled! So we do not have to wait in the airport like stupid fella la.. Waiting in airport is really not comfortable as all. If they have nice sofa and cossy environment then different story la. Really do not know what they are thinking and flying MAS is not cheap. They should have enough money to invest in 1 "cell phone" to sms all the customers la.. really disappointed la.

I am still not very sure what is the difference between Flight Delay and Flight Retime.


  1. allow me to say the spelling is different? haha.... it has been very long time i never step into MAS flight, just kept hearing ppl complaining about their food sucks!!!

  2. food sucks big time..

    i forgot to mention about 1 very important thing!! Their Flight Landing.. I tell u man.. It's the worst! As if the whole plane is going to crash!! Experienced many many times already!!

  3. no need fight seat at airasia nowaday also loo...
    maybe u can try

  4. maybe the pilot is having kopi o license leh... guarantee pass one... no need sit for exam also...