Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bye 2009...... Hello 2010!

It's been a very very busy December 2009 for me. I hardly stay in Kuching for the whole December 2009. I was away most of the time. I traveled every week from the 1st week of December until the very last week of 2009. It's all about work. i do not want to go into detail about my work. But i just want to say I had a great year 2009.

My Top 10 Events in 2009:

1. WD (Western Digital) announced closing down of Kuching plant.. I was working there that time..
= God gave me the Peace and Comfort that i have never felt before!

2. I found a new job with Roche Diagnostics not long after the WD's announcement..
= God shows me that He really will take care of me.

3. I traveled quite a bit this year with the new job and went to places that I've never been before.
= Tawau, Lahad Datu, Kota Marudu, Bintulu, Miri, Sibu, Sadong Jaya, etc.

4. Lost my beloved Grandpa and 2nd Kio-Kio..
= I know that they are now at a better place without pain and suffering..

5. Organized Destiny Conference 2009 in Borneo Convention Center with my fellow Jesus Freaks!
= I believe this is a history making moment in Kuching. We will usher in God's present to Kuching more and see more lives change for God! Young people fired up and taking up the cross for Jesus!

6. Went Overseas for both Work and Training.
= Shanghai, Bangkok and Brunei. It's amazing to experience life is different countries..

7. Ps.John Step down as FBC Pastor. FBC is split into 2.
= It's sad to see people leave. good friends left. But i know God is in control. Things always happen for a reason. If it is for God, it's sure going to be a good thing!

8. The death of a SUPER STAR..... Michael Jackson.
= I am not a really hardcore fan. but it is some how significant for me to mention here. He is a real LEGEND! R.I.P Michael!

9. Went for a Hiking and Camping trip in Bako with Friends..
= That really bring me away from my comfort zone. Hike to camp site and pitch a tent to stay for 1 night by the sea. It's really an amazing experience.. Brings me back to the time when i was still a Boys Brigade! haha.. Amazing stuff!

10. My wife is pregnant with a baby boy!!!
= hahaha.. Praise the Lord..

It's been a very very fruitful 2009! I really thank God for that. we should seriously spend more time counting our blessing. It will really help you in many ways.. It helps me!! hehe..

I can smell that it's gonna be a very very BUSY 2010 for me. hehe.. With a baby on his way to my house and the current job traveling schedule. I do not know how is this going to help. but.. i always trust in God. He knows what is best for me and He will give me the wisdom to find a solution.

He is my Father and PROVIDER!!

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