Thursday, August 20, 2009

I got into an ACCIDENT today!!!

I was on my way back home and i got involve in an accident. 1 victim dead. sigh~~~

I was driving quite fast and it was raining. thinking that i just got myself brand new tyres and also just replaced a new set of brakes, i should be fine. who knows out of a sudden there is 1 group of "people" having lunch in the middle of the road during their lunch break. when i tried to jam my brake, it was too late. i hit one of them and die on the spot. he flew up quite high and landed on my windscreen and fell in front of my car's bonnet.

i am so sorry.. i feel so sad.. i am not sure if the family members will be waiting for him to go back for dinner or not tonight. or may be the children will be waiting for the father to come home. i am sorry.. please forgive me..

hope he rest in peace..

OUCH!! Still got lunch in his mouth..