Saturday, September 12, 2009

What is your NAME?

I have a name.. you also have a name.. have u ever wonder where our name came from?

For the pass few days i got some problem trying to figure out what kind of name to give to my baby. at the moment i still do not know my baby is a BOY or a GIRL. I think so hard until i cant really sleep at night la.. hehe.. i m not sure if that is what every parents have to face or just me? jia lat..

I think naming a child is very important. especially people like me with a very unique surname "PUI". Do not get me wrong ok? I m damn proud of my surname because there is not many people out there with this kind of unique family name. When i was young, people always like to make fun of my surname. (U know who u are.. yes!! i am talking about you.. but i forgive you.. hehe..) With that unique Surname, i need to make sure that the name that i am about to give to my baby will flow just right and also sound right. If not.. my baby will suffer in this cruel world!! I've been through that and i know.. hehe.. (Thank God that my name is great.. Gabriel Pui.. yeah~)

this is not finalize, but Me and my wife kind of narrow the name down to this. If the baby is a BOY, then the name will start with 'G'. If the baby is a GIRL, then the name will start with 'K'. there are dunno how many million names out there. to simply pick 1 is really hard. if you only have 2 to choose it's a lot easier rite?

i came across this site BabyNames. there are dunno how many millions of names in there. they have meanings and also the origin of the name. It's kind of helpful for me. some name also very cool. (you can try to check out if you are looking for a name for yourself or your baby..)

At the moment, i still cant think of any names for my baby. i still have 5 more months to go. So i should have plenty of sleepless night to think of a name for my baby.. hehe..

Let me introduce my baby to you...

Baby PUI!! (7.73cm tall already..)

The other day when we went for ultra scan, it's so amazing to see this.. I do not know how to describe my feeling. Esp when the baby "kick".. i saw my baby move for the 1st time.. i am just so so so AMAZED! Praise The Lord!! I have never had that feeling before in my whole life.. I wish i can go see my baby grow every day. but to see 1 time is not cheap la.. RM90 for the photo above!! If see everyday i'll be broke after end of 9 months.. hehe...


  1. COOL!!!Oh that's baby Pui.....that' AMAZING!!!!!!! =D
    God is Great!

  2. haha. so tat's what all dads feel when they see their kids for the first time. uncle, u still have months to go la. y dun u wait until baby come out baru name him/her according to ur feeling tat time? 名字和他/她的气质符合吗etc? if the baby shy,and u give a 'big' name or vice versa... i think chinese name would be a lot difficult. ur hope and love for the baby is all tersirat in the name.