Tuesday, January 18, 2011


i miss my wife n my son n my dog very much. no choice i have to travel for work. life is just so different when i have to go away from home. i can be staying in a 5, 6 to million stars hotel and still do not feel at home. seriously there is no place like home.

when i m in kuching, after work i will go pick up my son from the nanny. the moment i come out from the car and he sees me, he will always put a big smile on his face. at that moment, i feel like there is nothing in this world can bring me down. no matter how hard the journey can be, that smile just brush off everything in my mind and on my shoulders..

when i reached home, before i open the gate, my dog will be running around the house wagging it's tail, cant wait for me to go in and give her a nice pat..

and my wife will reached home in a short while. she will always open the main door putting a big sweet smile on her face.. (her smile is what that got me into this relationship.. haha.. old story)

now that i am away from home, thinking of that really makes me miss home even more. but on the other hand, they all give me a very good reason to work harder and also to motivate me to be a better person/husband/daddy.

P/S: Dear Lord, please cover n protect my family all the time. keep them away from harm n evil. Amen.

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  1. this is very sweet. make sure ur wife sees this