Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Father & Son

Father & Son is a very special relationship. after becoming a father only i get to see and experience more of a role as a father.

now that i am both son and a father. this make me even more "special".

when i was just a son.. there are many things that my father did that i will never understand until the day i become father. suddenly everything just make sense. a father will do anything to make sure that the son has the best. a father will try all kinds of thing to make sure the son is happy. while the father is trying and doing, the son might not feel that and not appreciate at all. but that will not mater until the father see the final result... which is the smile on his son's face.

Son! Daddy will always be there for you..

Son! take courage n walk.. daddy is always behind you watching..

This is also a reminder for me as God is our Father in Heaven and we are his children. He will always give us the best and His love for us is just so amazing. the Heavenly Father's love for us is the greatest love of all! Thank you Lord!

P/S: Christianity is not a religion! It's a relationship with God! Amen!

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