Friday, October 15, 2010

Short Talk

For guys:
U need a watch now! Will u spend let say RM1000 to buy a fake grade AAA Rolex or buy an original Seiko/Citizen watch?

For gals:
U need a handbag now! So.. Will u spend RM1000 to buy a fake grade AAA LV bag or an original ermmm... Bonia/Guess Bag?

Pls share ur view with me! I'm just curious on what is in people's mind nowadays. Hehe.. Also for the fun la..

P/S: the fake grade AAA means only the maker will b able to tell that is fake. Normal people will not know the difference.


  1. I will go for the original Seiko/Citizen watch.
    reason is if I m wearing a real Rolex people also will think it's fake la! Hahaha...

  2. i'll go for a cheaper bag with no brand. for me, the purpose is just a bag. i din even know LV is of a different class (to compare bonia and guess)... now i learn sumthing

  3. for me, i will rather spend that 1k on things i like...

  4. I'll buy RM30 digital ones with damm lotsa functions... Can use is good enough.

    P.S. needle watches should go to museum.