Thursday, October 7, 2010


* Before you start scrolling down.. i need to let you know that.. it's all about football! this is also part of my life! and one day i will be watching them playing in Anfield!! ONE DAY!!!


It's really sad to see my favourite club now at the current position. they are suppose to be at the top of the table fighting and slaying the lion and devil! but now they are at the relegation zone a.k.a bottom 3..

How can they end up like this?

How can they loose to Blackpool at HOME?? who? blackpool? Got blackpool 1 meh? swimming pool i know la..

How can they play so badly?
How come? How come?

I have too many questions in my head.. i just dunno what else to ask now.. too many???????

But today I just read the news saying that they are being bought over by New England Sports Venture (NESV). I am very surprised! it's kind of like forced sell. Now that they are going to finalize who will be the new owner tomorrow in the court. if they win, then we will say good bye to "Tom n Jerry"! they came and really messed up the club. wanting to make profit from their investment and not for the love of the game.

Tom n Jerry

NESV is the onwer of Boston Red Sox and I'm a big fan of Boston Red Sox! Woo Hoo!! and now they are going to buy over my other favourite club Liverpool! i'm just trilled!! It's an Awesome feeling. not sure how to say this. but... it's great.. i guess we just have to wait and see what happen..

Go Red Sox!!!

I like the NESV mentality..

"NESV's philosophy is all about winning and they have fully demonstrated that at Red Sox. "

The new boss: John W. Henry

*Check out his cigar man.. damn tua ki lo... i wonder what Monica Lewinsky is thinking if she see this? hehe..

Wow! i'm loving it.....!

hehe.. sorry.. got some cigar advertisement.. back to the topic again..

Now getting this winning mentality back to the players is very important. they need to start winning games to climb back up to the top of the table. if not.. i'll be waiting to buy very cheap liverpool jersey next year! haha..

Next game is very important. It's a Mersey Side Derby..

I hope tomorrow everything can be finalize and the new owner can take over and the rest of the team can focus on this important fixture. and kick off the winning form! Roy!! Please stay with 4-4-2 formation. Now Macherano is no more there and you can't play 4-5-1. Torres needs support at the front. Gerrard needs to go back to Centre and do what he does best!!

Roy! the new manager. he did very well in Fulham

1 thing i am not too sure is this fella.. The new Chairman of the club.. Martin Broughton! He is a HARDCOCE Chelsea Fans!!! I seriously do not know how can he be the new chairman. He is good at what he did No doubt about it. but i'm just not too sure... hmm.. shall wait and see..

Orang Kerusi! Martin Broughton

Martin: "Roy! say Cheezzzz!"
Roy: "he-he"

See.. just now can smile until so nice.. now the face like "无间道"

Let's go back to the real team.. I think this figure should set the bar for the rest to follow. he is non other than my favourite captain.. Stevie. G! The soul of the team..

My Hero no.8!

I was searching high and low for a picture where my team is lifting the trophy. i am really sad to say i just cant find any.. 1990 it's been too long my team.. please bring back the trophy to Anfield!!

Baby.. It's time to come HOME!!

P/S: You'll Never Walk Alone!!