Saturday, October 9, 2010

Easy Pop 1... 2... 3...

do you love to eat junk food? Keropok? chips? chocolate?

there is this easy to make junk food for you.. i'm addicted and it's fun to make it.. just follow the step below.. Come! let me introduce you something that will POP you out!!

I normally will make 1 while watching a football match.. not forgetting to go with a can of icy-cold beer.. yeah~~

Step by Step:

This is how it look like..

Take out the good stuff inside..

Microwave popcorn!

Open up the door..

Make sure follow the instruction.. Face up!

3 minutes only..

Press "Start"

Wait... wait.. wait...

hehe... Check out the "fatty" inside..


After 3minutes of "slimming" session..

Check it out...

hu.. hu.. hu.. cant wait to put my hand inside..

Pour it out in to a bowl.. and you are good to go..

This DIY Popcorn is not like the 1 selling in MBO or Stars Cineplex. This is SALTY!!! Super yummy.. and i normally add a little bit of pepper.. to add some spiciness for the "kick"!

When we eat, we also must eat with knowledge and wisdom! so.. this is my theory..

"Sweetness can make you fall in love at 1st bite.. but Saltiness can take you go a long way..."

P/S: Can get this at the Spring Ta Kiong for only Rm 3.40.. P.L.C, DIY, fun, junk food! Highly recommended~

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