Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 2011

a very quick update on my current status...

life is just getting more and more challenging.. but pls dont get me wrong.. i really enjoy those challenges.. we will only grow stronger and stronger.. it's really like playing games.. after you kill a boss, we just get level up!! that's life..

entering 5months with Nestle. kind of adjusted to the new life, new work, new environment. very different from my previous technical life.. here the new job is very much about people. working with all kinds of people. the positive and also the negative people. i guess this is just part of business world la. work is very tough and at a very fast phase. deadline after deadline everyday.. but i'm enjoying my work..

as a father of two is not easy to be honest. but is also very rewarding at times when i look at my kids. they are really my pride and joy. now i know why there is a brand called Pride & Joy.. haha.. a very simple smile from my princess or a hug from my prince.. i tell you... no word can describe my feeling.. all the worries, all the tiredness, just go away.

now just need to touch up my time spend with the most important person in my life.. my wife.. i felt like we both have been working very hard for the kids.. and now seems like we have even less time for one another. we both also felt the same thing. Marriage take effort.. just like any other relationship. just have to keep reminding myself that my priority in my life is still my bestest friend.. my wife..

have been listening to Switchfoot a lot lately.. the more i listen, the better the whole Album seems to get. not like those 1 hit wonder la.. Hello Hurricane!! check it out..

today out of a sudden this band just came to me.. the Goo Goo Dolls. almost forgotten.. but they are still good. the music will just bring back memories. i am not sure about you, but music can really take us back to the younger years.. i wonder what else can do that?? may be in our dream sometimes.. (now seldom got dream liaw la.. imagine have to wake up every few hours.. dream not not time to come out la.. hahaha..)

this place i really need to promote! it's Porkie's BBQ at Jln Song..
the food that u have to try there is.. the BBQ spare ribs!! it's the so G.oo.D!!!! it's only RM26. CHEAP DEAL... HUGE Portion.. if not mistaken is 1kg per serving.. must share la ok?? hehe..
unless u r muslim, then i am so sorry.. or else.. i tell you... seriously tell you... go get yourself a spare ribs!! if not.. u will regret for the rest of your life.. hahahaha... (*ahem! yes.. i am serious..)

oh ya.. just 1 thing i have to warn you.. go for the food only ok?? just the food.. the service S.U.C.K.S! waiter and waitress memang tak boleh pakai!! just bare with them.. because of the sO... G.oo.D BBQ spare ribs... dun let them ruin ur day!!

i think i have leave you with good music, good food, good advice.. now when you enjoy those three.. u will have good life.. hahaha..

P/S: Wifey.. I know you come here once in a while.. let's go BBQ Porkies for the Spare Ribs ok??